[ACloudGuru] Kubernetes Fundamentals

[ACloudGuru] Kubernetes Fundamentals 08/2020

[ACloudGuru] Kubernetes Fundamentals​

[ACloudGuru] Kubernetes Fundamentals

Course Description​

Kubernetes Fundamentals Discover out what Kubernetes is, why you need to use it, the way it works, and the necessities of administering a Kubernetes cluster. With the elevated use of container know-how, Kubernetes is rapidly being adopted on-premises and within the public cloud. The outcome? A quick-growing demand for container and Kubernetes-savvy technologists.

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  • Kubernetes Fundamentals Acquire an understanding of what Kubernetes is and why you need to use it.
  • Study the basics of how Kubernetes works.
  • Construct a Kubernetes cluster on your studying lab setting.
  • Learn to administer a Kubernetes cluster.
  • Be ready for the Kubernetes Deep Dive course on the ACG platform.


  • Kubernetes Fundamentals Developers who wish to study container orchestration.
  • Directors who wish to run cloud-native functions.
  • Anybody who needs to seek out out what Kubernetes is.


  • Fundamental data in cloud know-how.
  • Fundamental data in containers.

Kubernetes Fundamentals

  • Why Kubernetes is the way forward for operating apps within the cloud.
  • How Kubernetes works and the way it's architected.
  • A number of methods to get your Kubernetes setting up and operating.
  • Easy methods to roll out a multi-tiered utility with Kubernetes.
  • Easy methods to administer your Kubernetes cluster.
Kubernetes Fundamentals It is a starter course for Kubernetes, providing you with an understanding of the basics and setting you up on your subsequent ACG course, Kubernetes Deep Dive. It is designed for builders who need to study container orchestration, directors who wish to run cloud-native functions and anybody who needs to seek out out what Kubernetes is.
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