DesignCode - Learn to design and code React and Swift & Vue apps

DesignCode - Learn to design and code React and Swift & Vue apps 2020-03-04

Design+Code - Learn to design and code React and Swift & Vue apps

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Complete courses about the best tools and design systems. Prototype and build apps with React and Swift. 60 hours of video content and resource materials. No coding experience required.

Design+Code is an interactive book that teaches how to design for iOS 11, draw user interfaces from scratch and code in Swift 4 using Xcode 9. You can watch, read, bookmark and check your progress all in one app. On top of that, you'll learn how to design and build this app! Join over 27,000 people who learned from Design+Code.

Learn how to build a modern site using React and the most efficient libraries to get your site/product online. Get familiar with components, Grid CSS, animations, interactions, dynamic data with Contentful and deploying your site with Netlify.

All Courses List :

  • Build an app with SwiftUI Part 2
  • Build an app with SwiftUI
  • Build a full site in Webflow
  • Advanced Prototyping in ProtoPie
  • SVG Animations with GreenSock
  • UI Interactions in Framer Playground
  • CSS Layout and Animations
  • React Native for Designers Part 2
  • Unity for Designers
  • React Native for Designers
  • Vue for Designers
  • Create a Javascript Game
  • Animating in Principle
  • Design and Code in Framer X
  • Design System in Figma
  • React for Designers
  • Sound Design with Cubase
  • Video Editing in ScreenFlow
  • Build an ARKit 2 App
  • Motion Design in After Effects
  • Create a Sketch Plugin
  • Create a SpriteKit Game
  • Swift Advanced
  • Learn Swift
  • Learn Sketch
  • Learn iOS 11 Design
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