Divi Builder - A Visual Drag & Drop Page Builder Plugin For Any WordPress Theme

Wordpress Divi Builder - A Visual Drag & Drop Page Builder Plugin For Any WordPress Theme 4.0.7

The Divi Builder - The Ultimate Wordpress Page Builder Plugin


Building dazzling WordPress sites has never been simpler.

Divi Builder - a fantastic originator of pages and formats for Wordpress. Indeed, even without the information on CSS and PHP, with the assistance of Divi Builder, you can make ace locales. The module utilizes the innovation of relocating, which is intended to encourage the development of page formats. In the Divi Builder creator, more than 40 substance modules are accessible. Divi Builder Modules are like structure squares and can be joined and sorted out in different manners to make practically any kind of site. Drag and glue to the ideal spot on the page/post. Likewise, in Divi, you have 3 sorts of substance areas and 20 kinds of lines. Furthermore, the fashioner enables you to modify every component utilizing propelled settings structure Divi Builder completely.

Worked With The Power Of Divi

The Divi Builder takes all that you love about our Divi Theme and bundles it into its very own module that can be utilized with any subject.

Perpetual Layout Possibilities

Assume responsibility for your page content with the most progressive manufacturer module available. With the Divi Builder, there is nothing you can't make.

Use It On Any Theme

The Divi Builder module is good with any subject and can be utilized to make lovely and liquid formats inside substance regions of any estimate and shape.

46 Content Modules

Divi Builder Modules resemble building squares, and they can be joined and organized in any number of approaches to make pretty much any sort of site. Relocate!

Assemble Posts and Pages That Wow Your Visitors

The Divi Builder allows you to investigate new and energizing design potential outcomes. Make staggering greeting pages that catch your guests, and fabricate story-driven blog entries that catch your guest's creative mind.

There's A Module For That!

Adding substance to your page is a breeze with Divi's enormous assortment of developer modules. You can even utilize the custom Code Module on the off chance that you want to coordinate outsider modules. Anything that you are attempting to fabricate, the Divi Builder has a module that can help make your vision a reality.

Redo Absolutely Everything

The Divi Builder's Advanced Design settings give you full command over each part of your format's plan. Adjust hues, separating, and typography with only a couple of snaps. No coding is required, and inside a couple of moments, you can make a one of a kind plan that matches your very own exceptional style.

Include Custom CSS

Custom CSS is upheld as well, and you can undoubtedly apply custom styles to singular pieces of individual modules. If you need to get your hands messy and dive in with some customizations, the Divi Builder won't keep you down.

Building Power At Your Fingertips

Albeit apparently insignificant, the Divi Builder is loaded with astounding controls. With its unmistakable top-level controls, settings modals, and right snap alternatives, the Divi Builder is a fun and simple approach to construct perfect sites.

Make Advanced Columns Structures In Seconds

Bid farewell to exhausting single segment blog entries. Segments can be made and consolidated to make a wide range of imaginative designs, and you can rapidly modify a line's section structure with several ticks.

Copy Any Element With a Single Click

Loads of times formats have comparable components over the page. Any component on the page can be right away copied (or reordered), sparing you a considerable amount of advancement time.

Debilitate an Item To Hide It On the FrontEnd

Include a component inside your design that you would prefer not to show toward the front, for example, a regular promotion flag or brief notice? You can debilitate it as opposed to erasing and revamping it, not far off. This is likewise an extraordinary element to utilize while creating and testing new substances.

Lock an Item To Disable Its Editing Functions

As a rule, you need to ensure that specific components don't get changed by your customers or even by you. Site Administrators can bolt any area, line, or module, impairing its altering capacities.

Duplicate and Paste Items Within Layouts Or Even Onto Other Pages!

No product application would be finished without Copy and Paste, and with the Divi Builder, you can even duplicate things starting with one page then onto the next.

Breakdown Builder Chunks For a More Concise View of Your Content

Make a progressively composed significant level perspective on your design by falling area of columns inside your format. If you have a segment that takes up a ton of vertical space on the screen or has a lump of substance that doesn't get refreshed regularly, you can fall it with the goal that it occupies less space in the developer.

Boundless Undos and Redos

Oh no! Need to fix an activity? Forget about it, the Divi Builder spares various activities with the goal that you can fix or re-try moves, alters, clones, and then some. Each move you make is logged, and you can even travel in reverse and advances to any spared history state!

Complete Layout Spacing Control

Content is just a single piece of what makes your site look extraordinary, and keeping in mind that the Divi Builder as of now includes fitting dividing between components, it additionally gives you a broad scope of instruments that let you control the dispersing inside and around the things on your page.

Area and Row Vertical Spacing

Utilizing the Divi Builder, it's simpler than any time in recent memory to control the separating between objects on your page. Divi goes all out with regards to its full broadness of design choices.

Flat Column Spacing

Give your substance space to breath with the Divi Builder's vertical dispersing controls. Presently it's simpler than any time in recent memory to make a feeling of musicality and congruity through your page content.

Custom Padding and Margin

Not exclusively would you be able to control site-wide or area-wide dividing, every individual component can likewise be changed to make one of a kind designs dependent on the one of a kind attributes of the pictures and typography you are working with?

Line and Column Widths

The Divi Builder additionally gives you full command over the width of your substance, enabling you to make lovely full-width pages that look stunning on enormous present-day screens.

The Divi Builder Library

The Divi Builder Library is going to change how you assemble sites for eternity. The library can house a large number of custom manufacturer components and pre-made designs. When spared to the Divi Library, these things can be added to new pages in a split second. At the point when joined with Divi's propelled structure settings and custom CSS, the Divi Library turns into its one of a kind templating framework.

Spare Any Layout, Section, Row, or Module

You can spare anything to the Divi Builder Library, regardless of whether it be single modules, assortments of lines, or full-page designs. As you work out your own custom Divi Library, you will find that building new pages and sites turns out to be interminably simpler. Make proper acquaintance with your new website, architecture toolbox.

Access Your Library Elements From Any Page

After a thing has been spared to your Divi Builder Library, it tends to be gotten to whenever from inside the Divi Builder interface. You can rapidly add spared library things to your page, rather than building them out without any preparation. You can ever spare whole formats, sparing your most loved pre-assembled pages to be utilized on future tasks.

Sparing Items With Selective-Sync

At whatever point you spare a thing to the Divi Builder Library, you can pick which settings are spared and which are most certainly not. Whenever you add that thing to a page, your spared settings will be filled in consequently, and you can concentrate on what makes a difference (for example, your message content).

Fare and Import Library Data Into Any Site

Spare yourself long stretches of improvement time by curating a dynamic library loaded up with custom Divi Builder things. At whatever point you start, another undertaking import your Divi Library to kick off your structure procedure. You will be astonished by what the Divi Library will accomplish for your efficiency.

Worldwide Items

At the point when you spare a thing into the Divi Builder Library as a "Worldwide" thing, that solitary thing can be put on different pages. Since it's worldwide, the thing shows up precisely the equivalent on each page, and at whatever point you roll out an improvement, those progressions are adjusted naturally to each occurrence of the ordinary thing! This changes the Divi Builder into a genuine web designer.

Various Items, All In Sync

On the off chance that you need to rehash a solitary thing over your whole site, for example, a universal Call To Action in the footer of each page, transforms that thing into a Global Library Item. On the off chance that you ever need to refresh the thing, you need to do it once, and your entire site gets refreshed!

Worldwide Items + Selective-Sync

At the point when you spare a thing into the Divi Builder Library as a Global thing, you can likewise decide to specific adjust individual settings. This enables you to make worldwide things on each page that offer specific trademark, (for example, regular text style styles and hues), while simultaneously having various substance. Along these lines, you can make your one of a kind specially craft framework that can be refreshed in only a couple of moments!
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