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Elegant Themes - Divi - Visual Page Builder Wordpress Plugin

Wordpress Elegant Themes - Divi - Visual Page Builder Wordpress Plugin 4.4.8

Download Elegant Themes - Divi v4.4.8 WordPress Theme

Changelog: Divi - version 4.4.8 ( updated 06-04-2020 )

  • Fixed a bug which caused Add New button in Layers panel to not work in some cases In Wireframe mode.
  • Updated Layers panel to allow adding Row/Module from empty Section/Column.
  • Fix vertical offset to showing with position absolute or relative on mobile.
  • Hid Insert Shortcode button from text module which added by Shortcodes Ultimate plugin in visual builder.
  • Fixed a bug which were causing Open/Close All button in Layers panel to not collapse all Layers in some cases.
  • Fixed a bug that were allowed to modify a locked Layer in some cases in Layers panel.
  • Fixed an issue with range values being invalid CSS values with some locales.
  • Fixed border-radius doesn't apply when parallax section overflow is set to visible.
  • Fixed RankMath content analyzer issue on BFB.
  • Fixed Language Switcher not being able to be loaded on a custom sidebar.
  • Fixed color of Gallery Slider's arrows. Now they are inheriting their value from the Dark\Light Text Color which may be set in Page Settings.
  • Fixed slug in the names of the CSS static cache files which are used on category pages.
  • Fixed issue with the Woo Reviews module which showed unapproved reviews on the frontend.
  • Fixed a bug which was causing Builder to show hover buttons while resizing the Layers panel.
  • Added span wrapper to the comma between Job and Company into the Testimonial Module on the frontend.
  • Fixed incorrect Label in Right click menu for Column Layer in Layers panel.
  • Fixed a bug that caused default location and size calculation for Layers panel to not work properly.
  • Fixed issue with Custom CSS editor not showing CSS errors properly.
  • Fixed an issue where the Menu module dropdown line style was overwritten by the Theme Customizer color scheme.
  • Added smooth scrolling effect triggered by anchor links and such on the front-end pages while using responsive content or "Minify And Combine Javascript Files" option is disabled.
  • Fixed issue with scroll down button which did not work properly with hide navigation until scroll was enabled.
Download Elegant Themes Divi v4.4.6 - WordPress Theme

Free License Key: Divi

Changelog: Divi - Version 4.4.6 ( updated 05-08-2020 )

  • Improved logic to keep collapse/expand state consistent for Add/Clone/Delete/DnD actions in Layers panel.
  • Updated Layers panel to allow selecting Goal and Winner for Split Testing from Layers panel.
  • Improved the Visual Builder scroll performance.
  • Added vmin and vmax to css allowed units in module settings.
  • Fixed person module image broken layout in 6 column row when viewing from tablet.
  • Fixed broken Divi logo when WebP with picture tag feature is enabled on Imagify plugin.
  • Fixed showing data from the latest published product when a new draft product is created.
  • Removed extra margin in menu module that causes horizontal scroll bar if you make row fullwidth.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed setting a layout as Global in the Divi Library.
  • Fixed Post Content module incorrect details on event post type of The Event Calendar.
  • Fixed slide from top animation incorrect position when animated.
  • Fixed js error "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'trim' of undefined" with the Slider Modules on the frontend.
  • Fixed unable to set Rank Math focus keyword on BFB.
  • Fixed issue so that our plugins wont clear cache if Divi, Extra, or the Divi Builder are not active.
Elegant Themes Divi v4.4.3 - WordPress Theme

Changelog: Divi - Version 4.4.3 ( updated 04-09-2020 )

Fixed Specialty Section's Gutter Width was overriding Inner Rows Gutter Width.

  • Added image sizing options for the post title featured image.
  • Fixed split testing module disappear when cache plugin is active.
  • Fixed border width range input to not pass the min limit 0.
  • Fixed issue with 'Number' field on circle counter module so it can receive a decimal value.
  • Fixed JS error when adding a new Row in Specialty Section from Layers panel.
  • Fixed CSS Parallax and Motion Effect doesn't work on layout block in upcoming WordPress 5.4 due to markup change on Gutenberg.
  • Fixed missing status and visibility options in Gutenberg UI.
  • Fixed an error with caches when gzdeflate or gzinflate function was being disabled.
  • Fixed iframe video not resizing correctly when Lazy Load option was enabled on Smush version 3.6.1.
  • Updated fallback font size to match slider builder default font size.
  • Fixed hover margin adding padding instead of margin on the element.
  • Fixed vertically placed gallery module space between last two images.
  • Fixed embed support for both full url and embed url of youtube.
  • Fixed a bug which were setting invalid CSS for max-height when no max-height value were set for Logo in Menu module.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the single post top/bottom code in integration to still be printed on the frontend even if the options were disabled.
Download Elegant Themes Divi v4.3.4 - The Ultimate WordPress Theme & Visual Page Builder

Free License Key: Divi

Changelog: Divi - Version 4.3.4 ( updated 02-24-2020 )

  • Fix a JavaScript error in Theme Customizer.
  • Fixed newsletter module fields and text spacing.
  • Fixed Accordion Module Scroll Effects with Apply Motion Effects To Child Elements option.
  • Fixed inaccurate typography on layout block preview if current post used Theme Builder template which has custom typography configuration.
  • "Show Post Categories" will no longer display on non-post layouts in Post Title modules.
  • Added arrow head to Add to Cart module's dropdown control.
  • Fixed Collapsed state saving for Global Rows and Sections.
  • Fixed Woo Add to Cart module's Text alignment option not working in page.
  • Added options for choosing when to trigger Scroll Animations.
  • Fixed Featured Image Dynamic Content not working inside a Blog module which uses the full post content and is assigned a category filter.
  • Fixed compatibility with LearnDash's Focus mode.
  • Fixed some errors related to the spam protection feature of the Contact Form and Email Opt-in modules.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Google reCAPTCHA logo to be shown on pages that did not include any modules with Spam Protection enabled.
  • Fixed Fullwidth Header module not having the appropriate top padding when the current post is not powered by the builder.
Download Elegant Themes Divi v4.3.3 - The Ultimate WordPress Theme & Visual Page Builder

Free License Key: Divi

Changelog: Divi - Version 4.3.3 ( updated 02-20-2020 )

  • Prevented WP-Stateless from causing et-cache folder to grow indefinitely.
  • Fixed redundant CSS on modules with position options.
  • Fixed Scroll Effects elements Animation issues on real mobile devices.
  • Fixed an issue with the Testimonial module author/company link target.
  • Fixed background image and gradient not working in Bar Counter Module.
  • Fixed Border settings in Cart notice module.
  • Fixed Contact Forms not showing a success message on 404 or other error pages.
  • Improved Scroll Effects preview accuracy when using the Divi Builder in backend.
  • Fixed a JavaScript error that occured when choosing to clone an existing page from the Page Creation cards.
  • Fixed a PHP error that occured when loading the builder in certain cases.
  • Introduces hooks action after BFB autosave and VB explicit save for 3rd Party extensions to access the rendered content.
  • Fixed Sections Removing issue in Legacy Builder in some cases.
  • Fixed menus inside rows being cut off on mobile devices.
  • Avoid reinit Maps and Fullwidth Maps modules during preview mode changes and resizing settings modal.
  • Fixed inconsistent background behaviour on post slider and fullwidth post slider when featured image is set as background and other background setting are changed.
  • Rendered progress bar on portability tooltip even the progress is 0% to avoid spinner being rendered.
  • Added Border and Box Shadow options to the Fullwidth Code and Code modules.
  • Fixed Individual accordion Closed Title Font styles output.
  • Fixed error "Input argument is not an HTMLInputElement" in custom CSS editor.
  • Fixed Theme Builder cannot be loaded when WooCommerce Points & Rewards plugin is activated.
  • Fixed fullscreen Fullwidth Header elements not taking the full screen height when used inside a Theme Builder header layout.
  • Fixed Post oEmbeds not working when post pages are affected by a Theme Builder body layout.
  • Fixed custom post type taxonomy term archive listings being overridden by the post type archive page condition rather than the taxonomy term archive condition in Theme Builder.
  • Fixed contact form modules in Theme Builder layouts not submitting when displayed on archive listing pages.
  • Fixed specialty section solid column border not showing in frontend.
  • Fixed misaligned settings modal's UI component on Layout Block builder.
  • Fixed modules with position fixed and bottom origin, on VB and TB.
  • Fixed location of buttons with fixed position on VB.
  • Fixed location of modules with fixed position on zoom preview.
  • Fixed Image border not showing on Placeholder images when using the Shop module.
  • Fixed a bug in Blog/PostSlider/Portfolio modules to show Private posts to Admin, Editor and Author user level.
  • Fixed title, content, and meta hover styles in the blog module not being applied when hovering over the module.
  • Fixed nested Toolset shortcodes not working.
  • Allowed the display of non-public taxonomies for post conditions in the Theme builder and added filters to control this behavior.
  • Fixed Woo Images module's Image not showing up on Shop when Theme Builder layout is used.
  • Fixed Product crashes on front end when using Divi Builder content w/o enabling the builder.
  • Fixed Blog module pagination being affected by the main WordPress query in certain cases leading to 404 errors.
  • Removed unsupported Read More Tag button from the tinyMCE editor.
  • Fixed mailster custom field data not showing.
  • Fixed reCAPTCHA v3 invalid action name JavaScript error.
  • Revived progress bar in tooltip export at visual builder.
  • Fixed issue with Mailchimp Email Optin's group data with type dropdown / radio not being sent properly.
  • Fixed error email already exists in Mailster Optin Email Module when the user already subscribed to another list.
  • Fixed theme customizer not displaying correctly in RTL mode.
Download Elegant Themes Divi v4.3.2 - The Ultimate WordPress Theme & Visual Page Builder

Free License Key: https://www.techsighter.com/threads...l-page-builder-lifetime-license-key-free.445/

Changelog: Divi - Version 4.3.2 ( updated 02-07-2020 )
  • Fixed the issue when Module settings were not accessible on hover in some cases.
  • Fixed headed z-index position on custom post types.
  • Fixed Font Uploader in Divi Builder.
  • Fixed wireframe mode not being visible when editing a post affected by a Theme Builder body layout.
  • Fixed cloned and imported Theme Builder layouts still showing the Page Creation flow in certain cases.
  • Fixed incorrect fixed positioning module inside layout block preview.
  • Fixed characters encoding for category meta Post Title & FW Post Title module in builder mode.
  • Fixed fatal error when previewing Divi theme.
Download Elegant Themes Divi v4.3.1 - The Ultimate WordPress Theme & Visual Page Builder

Free License Key: https://www.techsighter.com/threads...l-page-builder-lifetime-license-key-free.445/

Changelog: Divi - Version 4.3.1 ( updated 02-05-2020 )
  • Fixed Motion Effects loading issues on Frontend in some cases.
  • Fix a JavaScript error when loading the Visual Builder from the WP Admin.
  • Fixed Animations loading on Frontend.
  • Fixed a bug that cause the builder's global JS object to be defined on frontend pages.
  • Fixed Animations loading on Frontend.
    • core/admin/js/frame-helpers.js
    • includes/builder/frontend-builder/bundle.js
    • includes/builder/scripts/frontend/motion-effects.js
    • js/src/custom.js
Divi - Version 4.3 ( updated 02-05-2020 )
  • Added Scroll Effects.
  • Fixed shortcodes failing to load while editing in the Visual Builder when a Theme Builder body layout is used.
  • Fixed Cannot read property 'join' of undefined error when opening settings modal due to static helper file hasn't been rebuilt.
  • Fixed builder crash when extending module styles of a newly created child module.
  • Fixed characters encoding for category meta in Post Slider & FW Post Slider module in builder mode.
  • Fixed certain styles in a Theme Builder Body layout affecting the Visual Builder container.
  • Fixed broken CSS Parallax in new builder experience.
  • Fixed menu module being overlapped by content in columns after it by default.
  • Fixed transparent header causing a double top padding being applied in the Visual Builder only in certain cases.
  • Fixed Dynamic Content not working in certain cases inside Blog modules which display the full post content.
  • Emulate hover state content swap on click event for mobile devices.
  • Fixed Title / Content for Login module disappear on hover.
  • Fixed issue where Post Title only loads the first time on WordPress.com websites.
  • Fixed Rows pasting into empty sections.
  • Fixed animated elements not showing up after switching tabs in Tabs module in certain cases.
  • Fixed Dynamic Content post title label truncation by removing the fixed length.
  • Fix position value output on FE on modules that have relative position as default.
Download Elegant Themes Divi v4.2.2 - The Ultimate WordPress Theme & Visual Page Builder

Free License Key: https://www.techsighter.com/threads...l-page-builder-lifetime-license-key-free.445/

Changelog: Divi - Version 4.2.2 (01-21-2020 )
  • Fixed text module with position options not looking the same in FE and VB.
  • Fixed scrolling issue in tinyMCE editor in some cases.
  • Fixed missing scrollbar after closing the Settings Modal with tinyMCE in fullscreen mode.
  • Fixed a rare fatal error when attempting to edit a page assigned as the posts page for the site with the builder.
  • Fixed the font upload modal overlay overlapping the modal itself.
  • Fixed z-index values set to 0 being read as empty on FE.
  • Fixed modules position if z-index is set.
  • Fixed columns having a minimum height of 48px.
  • Fixed Post Content modules not outputting all The Events Calendar event data.
  • Fixed WooCommerce product count under Theme Options overriding the Shop module settings.
  • Fixed locale system.
  • Fixed Uploaded User Fonts rendering when they set as default in Customizer.
  • Added new et_search_form_fields hook that fires inside the theme search form element.
  • Fixed a JavaScript syntax error that occurred when passing an invalid ID when the alternative scroll-to-anchor method was enabled.
Download Elegant Themes Divi v4.1 - The Ultimate WordPress Theme & Visual Page Builder

Free License Key: https://www.techsighter.com/threads...l-page-builder-lifetime-license-key-free.445/

Changelog: Divi - Version 4.1 ( updated 01-09-2020 )

  • Fixed issue were builder broke when pasting incorrect payload on background tab UI.
  • Fixed WooCommerce cart notices being misplaced when the module is used in a Theme Builder layout on products that do not use the builder for their content.
  • Shortened the product and project taxonomy labels in theme builder.
  • Fixed Extra's category layouts being included in Your Existing Pages tab of Load From Library modal.
  • Improved hover content swap on per post mouse hover.
  • Fixed responsive images not switching properly when tablet/phone mode images had no SRCSET attributes.
  • Fixed overflow settings being overwritten by border radius settings in certain cases.
  • Fixed color manager tooltip not being visible in the first row in some cases.
  • Allowed common HTML tags (e.g. h1-h6, i, strong etc.) in Dynamic Content Before and After fields.
  • Adding Divi Layout Block.
  • Enabling user to add pre-made layout, saved layout, or page's layout to Block Editor.
  • Enabling user to edit layout inserted into Divi Layout Block.
  • Post Featured Image Dynamic Content option will now display the category/tag/term featured image, if any.
  • Fixed large import files failing to import in the Theme Builder.
  • Introduced paste styles on mixed selected items.
  • Fixed Woo Related Products to display only Products when used in Shop page irrespective of the Theme Customizer's Shop Page Display setting.
  • Added the Skype protocol ("skype:") to WP's URL whitelist, so that Skype URLs can be used in link fields.
  • Updated translation tasks so it can handle Divi Layout Block's translatable string mechanism.
  • Added styling for Block Editor which matches Divi's frontend appearance.
Download Elegant Themes Divi v4.0.8 - The Ultimate WordPress Theme & Visual Page Builder

Free License Key: https://www.techsighter.com/threads...l-page-builder-lifetime-license-key-free.445/

Changelog: Divi - Version 4.0.8 ( updated 12-09-2019 )

  • Fixed "No Results Found" text not using styles from the respective blog module.
  • Removed irrelevant Divider Module's visual builder-specific z-index.
  • Fixed Blurb title hover styles not taking effect when hovering over the module.
  • Fixed the Library Modal not being visible in certain cases in the Theme Builder.
  • Fixed color palette compatibility with the NextGEN Gallery plugin.
  • Fixed Fullwidth Menu module's search field overlapping the logo.
  • Fixed Post Excerpt Dynamic Content placeholder value in Theme Builder not respecting settings like number of words or read more text.
  • Fixed Visual Builder for Projects being offset when an RTL language is being used.
  • Clicking the "Save Changes" button in the Theme Builder while you have template settings open will now save the template settings changes.
  • Fixed Disappearing split test button in wireframe mode if wireframe mode is used on initial load (eg. New Builder Experience).
  • Fixed padding settings not working properly with module alignment in the Visual Builder.
  • Fixed broken Shop module layout when used in TB for Product category pages.
  • Shop module's Use Current Page setting will now cause the module to take WooCommerce widget filters into account as well.
  • Fixed a PHP notice that appeared when there were no custom widget areas defined.
  • Fixed incorrect padding value being printed to reset button padding for button icon options.
  • Fixed image srcset and sizes attributes not generated when site URL moved from HTTP to HTTPS or vice versa.
  • Fixed custom css for Fullwidth Slider Title not working for title tags other than h2.
  • Fixed layout settings such as custom CSS and color palette not being carried over when you duplicate a Theme Builder layout.
  • Fixed display of the AJAX loading animation on the front end when Safe Mode is active.
  • Fixed issue where the image Box Shadow would disappear when Image Overlay was enabled.
  • Fixed rendering of Global Code modules with unsynced content on Front End.
  • Author Bio Dynamic Content will now allow the usage of HTML.
  • Fixed Broken grid layout in TB when using Related Products w/ 4 Column layout.
  • Fixed find & replace not working properly for Font Style subfield.
  • Fixed a javascript error that occurred when hovering over modules in the builder in some cases.
  • Fixed meta, link and script tags added to the theme's header.php file missing when a Theme Builder header is used.
  • Fixed certain meta tags being duplicated when a Theme Builder header is used.
  • Fixed Email Optin module's Name Fullwidth option not working with Use Single Name Field option enabled.
  • Fixed the map info window is not displayed when the map pin title or body is empty.
  • Fixed CMD key not working to activate multi select feature on Firefox.
  • Fixed issue where selected items are being removed while switching preview mode via settings bar.
  • Fixed responsive content for hover mode not getting inherited properly when the value is undefined.
  • Prevented Welcome to New Builder popup being rendered in Block Editor.
  • Fixed Fullwidth Header module's scroll down link not working when there is a module link added.
  • Fixed Blog module's box shadow hover effects not working properly in Grid mode.
  • Fixed the Fields custom margin/padding to be applied to Add to Cart Dropdowns.
  • Fixed Woo Add To Cart module's Dropdown menu border-radius selector.
  • Fixed quick actions to enable inserting new and saved module on top of the selected item.
  • Fixed quick actions issue where inserting a module into a column takes some time.
  • Fixed issue where you can't add a new row after hiding the row if "Show Disabled Modules at 50% Opacity" is enabled.
  • Fixed document.onreadystatechange compatibility with other scripts that use it.
  • Fixed video overlay play icon still being displayed even when the image overlay is empty.
  • Fixed shortcut to fullwidth row (R + F) not working.
  • Fixed et_fix_slider_height is not defined error.
  • Fixed failure saving visual builder / new builder experience when a module contains emoji while the post_content column of wp_posts table uses utf8 charset and non utf8mb4_* collation.
  • Fixed responsive content not working properly inside the theme builder layout when in builder mode.
  • Fixed issue where customizing captcha text styles didn't affect the equal symbol of Contact Form module.
  • Fixed error report where VB cannot read property 'toLowerCase' of undefined in Contact Form.
  • Fixed plugins which hook into the_content from running multiple times when Theme Builder layouts are used.
  • Fixed Dynamic Content URLs for specific posts not resolving on non-singular pages.
  • Updated jQuery UI style to v1.12.1.
  • Fix Divi Builder load failures caused by filesystem permissions on the server.
  • Allow the path and url for ET's cache directory to be customized using PHP constants: ET_CORE_CACHE_DIR, ET_CORE_CACHE_DIR_URL.
  • Improved client IP address detection and validation.
  • Fixed "No Results Found" text not use styles from the respective blog module.
  • Fixed row widths being set to 80% regardless of width settings on project pages without a sidebar.
  • Fixed arrow icons menu on RTL websites.
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