Download Elegant Themes - Divi v4.6.6 WordPress Theme

Changelog: Divi - Version 4.6.6 (10-15-2020)

  • Fix scroll behavior after drag & drop content to the builder.
  • Fixes incorrect generated selector when 3rd party extension use Divi Module Elements on their modules.
  • Fixed unwanted UI lag when draggable padding UI is dragged.
  • Fixed a bug in the border options that allowed negative values to be entered.
  • Fixed a typo in the Gallery module's layout option help text.
  • Fixed the SVG logo without width not showing in Menu module.
  • Restored the "Clear" link for variations on the product page.
  • Fixed alternative scroll-to-anchor method not enabled by default.
  • Fixed the issue when settings from Divi Global Defaults Editor were not migrated to Div Presets for the Divi Builder plugin.
  • Fixed broken image size on image of Slider & Fullwidth Slider modules.
  • Added JS filter '' to hook on page settings values.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the meta description to be duplicated when Rank Math SEO plugin was active.
  • Fixes issue making user unable to save BFB layout when cache and scheduled cache preloading are enabled on WP Optimize plugin.
  • Fixes incorrect generated selector when 3rd party extension use Divi Module Elements on their modules.
  • Fixed broken image size on image of Slider & Fullwidth Slider modules.
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Download Divi v4.6.5 WordPress Theme

Changelog: Divi - Version 4.6.5 (09-25-2020 )

  • Fixed broken image size on Image module and image logo of Menu module.
  • Fixed navigation anchor wrong target position with position-fixed section in theme builder header.
  • Removed alternative scroll-to-anchor option from Divi Theme Options and made it the default behavior.
Download Elegant Themes - Divi v4.6.3 WordPress Theme

Changelog: Divi - Version 4.6.3 (09-18-2020 )

  • Fixed speciality section inner max-width option.
Version 4.6.2 ( 09-17-2020 )
  • Fixed incorrect sticky state in the section with a video module.
  • Fixed sticky element that doesn't correctly exits sticky state because fixed header transition is completed after document height props are updated.
  • Fixed inconsistent row alignment output in frontend and visual builder when custom margin is used.
  • Removed unnecessary overflow hidden for rows with 4+ columns.
  • Revived background overlay and text overlay colors on hover state for post slider.
  • Fixed javascript error in Internet Explorer.
  • Enabled sorting in the Store module on the frontend.
  • Fixed incorrect warning on Minify And Combine Javascript & Style Files options when 3rd party extension plugin is activated.
  • Fixed incorrect module width on sticky state when sticky margin is set and width is auto.
  • Fixed inability to drag and drop image to media library that is opened on gallery module's images field.
  • Fixed unwanted padding change when specialty row enters sticky state.
  • Fixed issue when changing the scale of the Button module.
  • Fixed javascript error when setting the sticky Section Divider height.
  • Fixed sticky style not implemented if module is sticky module inside sticky module.
  • Fixed issue with links not working inside of the mobile menus.
  • Fixed a case where Divi page would cause an error when loaded inside an iframe hosted on a different domain.
  • Fixed default primary menu active link color.
Download Divi v4.5.8 - Elegant WordPress Theme

Changelog: Divi - Version 4.5.8 (updated 08-24-2020 )

  • Fixed unable to export Role Editor.
  • Fixed layout XML import.
  • Fixed module right-click contextual menu's wrong placement.
  • Fixed wrong styles in protected WordPress pages.
  • Fixed issue when working with links that contain special characters.
  • Fixed missing alt and title attributes in Post Title's featured image.
  • Removed border bottom on BFB panel header.
  • Fixed theme customizer range input doesn't update the value on the control itself.
  • Fixed issue when using the Woo Image module in the shop page.
Download Divi v4.5.7 - The Ultimate WordPress Theme

Changelog: Divi - Version 4.5.7 (updated 08-18-2020 )

  • Fixed the warning shown with WooCommerce v4.4.0 and WordPress v5.5.
  • Fixed issue preventing ability to create a translation for a Divi Library layout.
  • Fixed a problem in the post slider background which was not being displayed when the "Static CSS File Generation" option is enabled.
  • Fixed issue with Divider which was applying extra space in the end of the pages.
  • Fix for error being thrown when Google Translate extension is being used in the page.
  • Fixed the margin of the last columns when switching preview modes.
Download Elegant Themes - Divi v4.5.5 WordPress Theme

Changelog: Divi - Version 4.5.5 (08-08-2020 )

  • Fixed bottom section dividers appearing at the top of sections.
Version 4.5.4 ( 08-07-2020 )

  • Fixed missing backward compatibility function to handle Gutenberg data for block editor.
  • Hide block inserter button when Divi Layout is not activated yet.
  • Fixed responsive custom border styles not being applied to the module preview.
  • Fixed extra space being added in the end of the page whenever a Divider is used.
  • Normalized the height of video sliders.
  • Fixed the issue where it was impossible update a preset with current styles for columns.
  • Fixed error when using the portfolio module as homepage.
  • Fixed premade Layouts loading from the Divi Library in Safari and Edge.
  • Fixed issue with the rendering of full-width sliders which was causing wrong size calculations when navigating through the slides.
Download Divi v4.5.2 - Elegant Themes WordPress

Changelog: Divi - Version 4.5.2 ( updated 07-30-2020 )
  • Fixed issue when changing the colors of the Circle Counter in different responsive view contexts.
  • Fixed the issue when module settings were not saved in some cases.
  • Fixed uncaught addEventListener error when hover over Divi Layout Block and it's not activated yet.
  • Updated Divi Layout placeholder button class names and fixed deprecated properties and methods warnings.
  • Restricted the Divi Presets functional for non admin users.
  • Theme Builder will now disable some filters (like Blur) on hover to match Visual Builder behavior.
  • Fixed the issue when any Custom CSS settings assigned through a module preset were not displayed in Visual Builder.
  • Fixed an issue where the body text style overwrote the company text style when a company link was set.
  • Increased reCAPTHA badge z-index to ensure it's always on top.
  • Fixed broken Divi Layout block preview and styles when Gutenberg preview device is on tablet or mobile type.
  • Hides actions control on the builder metabox.
  • Handles deprecated function wp_make_content_images_responsive() on rendering layout.
  • Improved embedded video performance by caching the result.
  • Fixed undefined text on new editable block element on 3rd party extensions.
  • Fixed PHP 7.4+ deprecated passing parameters to join() (implode() alias) in reverse order.
  • Updated the Support Center to verify the WP Debug Log setting points to a file (not a directory) before attempting to load its recent entries.
Download Elegant Themes – Divi v4.4.9 WordPress Theme

Changelog: Divi – Version 4.4.9 ( updated 07-01-2020 )

  • Fixed conflict “Use Current Page” option with “Product Category” view type in Shop Module.
  • In order to increase the rating of page loading speed and to eliminate the warning from Lighthouse “Ensure text remains visible during webfont loading”, the directive font-display has been added to css rules@font-face (for the Divi fonts and for Opens Sans fonts, which loading from
  • Fixed an issue that caused the color picker of 3rd party plugins to not be visible in some cases.
  • Fixed background images from Smush CDN is not saved in the static resources.
  • Fixed bug with using Fullwidth slider below theme builder global header with negative margin.
  • Fixed accordion editable text on Visual Builder when Section/Row is locked.
  • Introduces custom fields registration for 3rd party extensions and ability to disable context menu on these fields.
  • Fixed bug with video height in slider.
  • Improved UX for the Layers in Layers panel that doesn’t have respective plugin activated.
  • Fixed video module can’t be played when overlay is being used and lazyload for iframe is enabled on Smush plugin.
  • Disabled stripping the shortcode on the frontend, which was added via Custom Fields by Dynamic Content feature to the content area.
  • Fixed bug with video positioning inside the slider.
  • Fixed full width slider editable text when module or section is set to locked.
  • Fixed gallery module background parallax issue on the Front-End.
  • Fixed the appearance of php-warnings when using the Contact Form module that has a layout with the hover mode enabled for Fields Letter Spacing with the same 0px value for both.
  • Fixed inner width styling option for Speciality Section when used in a Product Page.
  • Fixed bug with play icon color when multiple sliders are added to the page.
  • Fixed bug with module gradient background applied on top of a row which has a video background set.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the looping animations to be removed from elements.
  • Added title attribute to Theme Builder’s vertical menu items.
  • Added selective sync options on transforms settings.
  • Updated Layers panel to not allow ESC key to close it.
  • Avoid transforms on click mode when a module is selected but not when settings modal is open.
  • Fixed The Event Calendar Event Community compatibility issue when TB overrides the layouts.
  • Fixed bug with settings modal when visual builder is disabled.
  • Fixed bug with dynamic categories when they are added to a post via Divi library.
  • Fixed animations for sections that are located right after the fullscreen header.
  • Added auto-function when rendering content in Woo Tab modules.
  • Fixed bug with positioning in visual builder when vh unit is used.
  • Fixed adding modules/rows to locked sections when interaction mode is set to “Click Mode”.
  • Fixed Email Optin subscription fail error.
  • Changed row right/left draggable margin behaviour when right/left margin is set to auto.
  • Changed module right/left draggable margin behaviour when right/left margin is empty.
  • Fixed a bug in Layers panel to allow Multi-select to work properly.
  • Fixed issue with un-clickable buttons in Full-Width Header in some cases.
  • Fixed bug with Admin Label control icons.
  • Fixed a styling issue when section/row was set to Locked and Interaction mode was set to “Click Mode”.
  • Fixed image inner shadow styling for Blog module.
  • Fixed incorrect Contact Form module captcha input autocomplete attribute value.
  • Fixed an issue with wpautop not getting properly applied in Code module in certain cases.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented user from moving sections if Split Testing option was off in Divi Role Editor.
  • Fixed failing intentional-error test because Divi loads another product’s core.
  • Fixed bug with reset field options in Contact Form module.
  • Fixed bug with a search results page that has a custom post type posts with the visual builder enabled.
  • Fixed bug with background-repeat when button background color on hover is set in Customizer.
Download Elegant Themes - Divi v4.4.8 WordPress Theme

Changelog: Divi - version 4.4.8 ( updated 06-04-2020 )

  • Fixed a bug which caused Add New button in Layers panel to not work in some cases In Wireframe mode.
  • Updated Layers panel to allow adding Row/Module from empty Section/Column.
  • Fix vertical offset to showing with position absolute or relative on mobile.
  • Hid Insert Shortcode button from text module which added by Shortcodes Ultimate plugin in visual builder.
  • Fixed a bug which were causing Open/Close All button in Layers panel to not collapse all Layers in some cases.
  • Fixed a bug that were allowed to modify a locked Layer in some cases in Layers panel.
  • Fixed an issue with range values being invalid CSS values with some locales.
  • Fixed border-radius doesn't apply when parallax section overflow is set to visible.
  • Fixed RankMath content analyzer issue on BFB.
  • Fixed Language Switcher not being able to be loaded on a custom sidebar.
  • Fixed color of Gallery Slider's arrows. Now they are inheriting their value from the Dark\Light Text Color which may be set in Page Settings.
  • Fixed slug in the names of the CSS static cache files which are used on category pages.
  • Fixed issue with the Woo Reviews module which showed unapproved reviews on the frontend.
  • Fixed a bug which was causing Builder to show hover buttons while resizing the Layers panel.
  • Added span wrapper to the comma between Job and Company into the Testimonial Module on the frontend.
  • Fixed incorrect Label in Right click menu for Column Layer in Layers panel.
  • Fixed a bug that caused default location and size calculation for Layers panel to not work properly.
  • Fixed issue with Custom CSS editor not showing CSS errors properly.
  • Fixed an issue where the Menu module dropdown line style was overwritten by the Theme Customizer color scheme.
  • Added smooth scrolling effect triggered by anchor links and such on the front-end pages while using responsive content or "Minify And Combine Javascript Files" option is disabled.
  • Fixed issue with scroll down button which did not work properly with hide navigation until scroll was enabled.
Download Elegant Themes Divi v4.4.6 - WordPress Theme

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Changelog: Divi - Version 4.4.6 ( updated 05-08-2020 )

  • Improved logic to keep collapse/expand state consistent for Add/Clone/Delete/DnD actions in Layers panel.
  • Updated Layers panel to allow selecting Goal and Winner for Split Testing from Layers panel.
  • Improved the Visual Builder scroll performance.
  • Added vmin and vmax to css allowed units in module settings.
  • Fixed person module image broken layout in 6 column row when viewing from tablet.
  • Fixed broken Divi logo when WebP with picture tag feature is enabled on Imagify plugin.
  • Fixed showing data from the latest published product when a new draft product is created.
  • Removed extra margin in menu module that causes horizontal scroll bar if you make row fullwidth.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed setting a layout as Global in the Divi Library.
  • Fixed Post Content module incorrect details on event post type of The Event Calendar.
  • Fixed slide from top animation incorrect position when animated.
  • Fixed js error "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'trim' of undefined" with the Slider Modules on the frontend.
  • Fixed unable to set Rank Math focus keyword on BFB.
  • Fixed issue so that our plugins wont clear cache if Divi, Extra, or the Divi Builder are not active.
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