Elementor Pro - WordPress Page Builder Plugin

Wordpress Elementor Pro - WordPress Page Builder Plugin 3.0.5

Download Elementor Pro v2.9.4 Wordpress Plugin

Changelog: Elementor Pro 2.9.4 -
  • Fix: Hardened user role that is allowed to upload icon sets and unzip only allowed files in Custom Icons to prevent security vulnerability
#### 2.9.3 - 2020-04-19
  • Fix: Form shortcode IDs are not wrapped in double-quotes ([#11023])
  • Fix: Escaped Form records metadata to prevent security vulnerability
  • Fix: Closing "Save Changes" document confirmation modal causes Panel infinite loading
  • Fix: Ken Burns effect not working when there is only one slide in Slides widget
  • Fix: Document handles UI glitch
Download Elementor Pro v2.9.1 Wordpress Page Builder Plugin Updated

Changelog: Elementor Pro 2.9.1 - 2020-03-16
  • * Fix: Can't access Elementor Editor when there is Page Title widget in the page
  • * Fix: Applying styling to Post Content widget affects the Page and Post editing handles

Changelog: Elementor Pro - Version 2.9.1 - 2020-03-15
  • New: Introducing Full Site Editing: Design header, footer, and content all in one place! (#4985)
  • New: Added Global Custom CSS for Your Entire Site in Theme Style (#3345)
  • New: Added Dynamic Colors tag (#6485)
  • Tweak: Added option to set the Site Part HTML Wrapper Tags (#9293)
  • Tweak: Added Link Attributes support to Pro widgets (#5716, #3642, #9225, #9079)
  • Tweak: Added Theme Style support in Theme Builder parts (#10564)
  • Tweak: Avoid creating empty Custom Font
  • Tweak: Added aria-expanded attribute to Menu Cart widget
  • Tweak: Moved Link Actions module to Core plugin
  • Tweak: Changed the name of “TypeKit Web Fonts by Adobe” to “Adobe Fonts”
  • Tweak: Removed redundant display conditions from Blockquote, Flipbox, Price Table, and Search Form widgets
  • Tweak: Pro widgets are not draggable unless Elementor license has been activated
  • Tweak: Remove redundant label_block parameters from several controls
  • Tweak: Converted controls selectors to CSS variables in Gallery widget
  • Tweak: Replaced Stumbleupon with Mix in Reviews widget recommended icons (#10099)
  • Tweak: Added Mix to the Share Buttons network list (#10099)
  • Tweak: Added "Open in new tab" option to Posts widget (#7924)
  • Tweak: Upgraded Font Awesome Pro library to v5.12.0
  • Tweak: Added new Lightbox compatibility for Gallery and Media Carousel widgets
  • Tweak: Expose external API for Swiper instances
  • Tweak: Added compatibility to JS API in Theme Builder, Popups, Form widget and Global widget
  • Tweak: Replaced nerd icons with new Elementor emojis
  • Tweak: Added specific color attribute to header title in Table of Contents widget
  • Fix: Line break issues in Animated Headline widget (#10585)
  • Fix: Theme Style Link color overrides the Table of Content list style
  • Fix: Active state glitches when using Table of contents widget with Sticky mode
  • Fix: "Graphic Element" section appears as empty in case of unmarked Graphic Element in Call to Action widget
  • Fix: Page Title widget render glitches in the Editor
  • Fix: Image ratio parameter visible in some edge cases in Posts widget
  • Fix: Image missing when sharing to Pinterest using Share Buttons widget
  • Fix: Theme Style Link color setting override the list style in Table of Contents widget
  • Deprecated: See all deprecations to this version in our Developers Deprecations Post
Download Elementor Pro v2.8.4 + Elementor Free v2.9.2

Wordpress Page Builder Plugin Latest Version Updated

Changelog: Elementor Pro - Version 2.8.4 - 2020-02-16
  • Tweak: Added Lightbox Title & Description support to Gallery widget
  • Tweak: Added RTL support for Slides widget
  • Tweak: Display Lightbox images in Full size in Gallery widget
  • Fix: Template with Slides widget not working properly when placed inside Tabs, Accordion and Toggle widget
  • Fix: Dropdown menu lost styling after Elementor Pro v2.8 upgrade in Nav Menu widget
  • Fix: Indent doesn't work on RTL websites in Table of Contents widget
  • Fix: Query Control throws Undefined index: q error
  • Fix: Typography control not affecting dropdown menu in Nav Menu widget
  • Fix: Discord forms integration fails to send submissions in some server configurations
  • Fix: Rotating headlines don't align center in Animated Headline widget
  • Fix: Custom secondary color displayed when not needed in Share buttons widget
  • Fix: Motion Effects of certain objects are not functioning properly on Safari browser
  • Fix: Missing eye icon in Single template footer preview button
Download Elementor Pro v2.7.3 + Elementor Free v2.8.1

Wordpress Page Builder Plugin Latest Version Updated

Changelog: Elementor Pro - Version 2.7.3

Dont Update Free Version From Wordpress When Pro Version Installed.

Download Beta Elementor Pro v2.8.0 Beta + Elementor Free v2.8.2 - Download
Download Elementor Pro v2.7.3 Wordpress Page Builder Plugin Latest Version Updated

Changelog: Elementor Pro - Version 2.7.3 - 2019-10-28
  • Tweak: Added RTL support to Galleries widget
  • Tweak: Added Custom Icons compatibility for WordPress 5.3
  • Fix: Missing template function declaration causes fatal error in WC mini-cart widget
  • Fix: Pause on hover doesn't work in Carousel widgets
  • Fix: Link-actions conflict with ?action= parameter in the URL
  • Fix: Lightbox navigation not working in Gallery widget Single mode
  • Fix: Ken burns effect not working on the 1st slide if Infinite Loop option is turned off in Carousel widgets
  • Fix: Popup Advanced Rules detects internal links as external if current URL starts with www
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Download Elementor Pro v2.7.2 Wordpress Page Builder Plugin Latest Version Updated

Changelog: Elementor Pro - Verison 2.7.2 - 2019-10-06
  • Fix: Slide Overlay not working when applying Ken burns effect in Slides widget ([#9209]
  • Fix: Content width glitch in Slides widget (#9180)([#9180]
  • Fix: Horizontal Alignment not working when applying custom style per slide in Slides widget ([#9180]
  • Fix: Missing semicolon in Custom Fonts font-display CSS
Download Elementor Pro v2.7.1 Wordpress Page Builder Plugin Latest Version Updated

Changelog: Elementor Pro - Version 2.7.1 -
  • * Fix: Background Overlay layer is over the slide content in Slides widget ([#9180]
  • * Fix: Duplicate images under "All" filter in Multiple Gallery
#### 2.7.0 - 2019-09-24
  • New: Enhanced Galleries widget (#1898, #3103, #4279, #7631)
  • New: Dynamic Number (#5952)
  • New: Full content skin for Posts and Archive-posts widgets (#4617)
  • Tweak: Added dynamic number capability to Price List, Price Table, Slider, Counter, Star Rating, Progress Bar widgets
  • Tweak: Added tags support to forms Mailchimp action (#5418)
  • Tweak: User Profile Picture Dynamic Tag (#7947, #8740)
  • Tweak: Added font-display support to custom fonts (#5993, Developers Blog Post)
  • Tweak: Added Text Shadow control to Slides widget (#8800)
  • Tweak: Added Re-subscribe support to MailerLite (#8799)
  • Tweak: Added Dynamic capabilities to Facebook Embed widget (#9030)
  • Tweak: Use swiper.js instead of slick.js in Slides widget (Developers Blog Post)
  • Tweak: Added elementor_pro/search_form/before_input action hook to Search Form widget (#5598)
  • Tweak: Added elementor_pro/search_form/after_input action hook to Search Form widget (#5598)
  • Tweak: Added dynamic support for Custom field key (#7789)
  • Tweak: Increased expired license notice bar frequency
  • Tweak: Changed the icon name of Slides widget
  • Tweak: Added designated Finder's Icons for Custom icons & Custom fonts
  • Tweak: Use Ken Burns Effect as an external module
  • Tweak: Remove Fontello conflicting CSS on import to Custom Icons sets
  • Tweak: Editor Panel UI tweaks
  • Tweak: Added DOM events on Popup show/hide (Developers Blog Post)
  • Tweak: Added option to change the variations field width in Add to Cart widget
  • Tweak: Use select control instead of select2 in Menu Cart widget
  • Tweak: Added conditions to the tabs instead of to each control in Share Buttons widget
  • Tweak: Added Typography controls to HTML field in Forms widget
  • Tweak: Allow edit selected Font file in Custom Font
  • Tweak: Changed reCAPTCHA v3 error message
  • Tweak: Remove the "Save as Global" option on Global widget context menu
  • Fix: Corrected selector for removeControlSpinner() (#8790)
  • Fix: Slides widget navigation icons misplacement (#8533)
  • Fix: Horizontal Scrollbar when Slider widget is set to Full Width (#8527)
  • Fix: Inconsistent behavior when "Infinite Loop" enabled with "Autoplay" in Slides widget (#6726)
  • Fix: Ken Burns effect on Chrome transition glitches (#1671)
  • Fix: Nothing found message shows up inside the columns set in Posts Archive widget (#7347)
  • Fix: Responsive UI glitch in Popup Conditions modal tabs
  • Fix: Removed unnecessary divider in Call to Action widget
  • Fix: Custom Add To Cart * button style (size, position and background color) when quantity is enabled.
  • Fix: Add support for Document/PageBase in Theme Builder (Core >=2.7.0)
  • Fix: Ampersand character breaks email link in Share Buttons widget
  • Fix: Correct custom font attachment mime-type to show uploaded Custom Fonts
  • Fix: Mini-Cart not refreshing in Menu Cart widget
  • Fix: Cart drawer not working when WC Subscriptions plugin is activated
  • Fix: Querying CPT with custom taxonomies does not show the taxonomies before saving
  • Fix: Double rendering on change caused console error in Theme Builder's conditions screen
  • Fix: Translations and Strings in Share Buttons widget
  • Fix: Avoid using offset if the source is Manual selection in Query Control
  • Fix: Form being submitted although reCAPTCHA v3 validation failed in Forms widget
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Download Elementor Pro v2.6.5 Wordpress Page Builder Plugin Latest Version Updated

Changelog: Elementor Pro Version 2.6.5 - 2019-08-26

  • Tweak: Added compatibility for the upcoming release of Elementor v2.7
  • Fix: Button style not working when `quantity` is enabled in Custom Add To Cart widget
  • Fix: Updated minified JS file fixed WhatsApp base URL in Share Buttons widget
Download Elementor Pro v2.6.4 Wordpress Page Builder Plugin Latest Version Updated

Changelog: Elementor Pro Version 2.6.4 - 2019-08-21

  • Tweak: Added compatibility for the upcoming release of Elementor v2.7
  • Fix: Changed WhatsApp base URL in Share Buttons widget for cross-device compatibility
  • Fix: Random slides order after several clicks on pagination in Testimonial Carousel widget
Elementor Pro Version: 2.6.3 - 2019-08-18
  • Fix: Core version rollback to `>2.6.0` causes a fatal error
  • Fix: Duplicate images when slideshow skin is selected in Media Carousel lightbox
  • Fix: Default bottom margin added to reCAPTCHA V3 badge
  • Fix: Input glitch in reCAPTCHA V3 threshold settings
Download Elementor Pro v2.6.2 Wordpress Page Builder Plugin Latest Version Updated

Changelog: Elementor Pro Version 2.6.2 - 2019-07-30

  • Tweak: Better accessibility support in Search Form widget
  • Fix: UI glitched in Popup publish screen (#8616)
  • Fix: "Child of Term" and "Any child of term" conditions (#8695)
  • Fix: Restored library_widget_templates action hook for 3rd party compatibility (#8687)
  • Fix: Twitter Icon missing in Blockquote widget
  • Fix: Form reCAPTCHA v3 badge position not working
  • Fix: Renewal notice bar appears in wrong situations
  • Fix: Draft Icon Set loads empty Icon Library

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