Learn AWS Step By Step With 3 Projects

Skillshare Learn AWS Step By Step With 3 Projects 10/2020

[SkillShare] Learn AWS Step By Step With 3 Projects​

AWS Automation Series Course 1: Learn AWS Step By Step With 3 Projects : Course Path: AWS Cloud Automation Developer / Architect

[SkillShare] Learn AWS Step By Step With 3 Projects

What you may learn​

  • Core Concepts Of AWS
  • Handbook steps to Configure AWS Providers For Automation
  • Challenge I: Methods to Make EC2 as Internet Server
  • Challenge II: Methods to Bootstrap Internet Server Creation
  • Challenge III: Design Customized VPC Challenge
  • Challenge IV: Setting Up AWS RDS DB Occasion for MySql DB Engine
  • Challenge V: Design Excessive Availiblity AWS Infrastructure
  • Study Handbook Steps to Create AWS Providers For Automating AWS (Pre-requisit for Subsequent Programs in AWS Automation Collection).

Learn AWS Step By Step With 3 Projects is the Course designed unique for Freshers and Novices who need study AWS. On this course you'll be studying the AWS providers in Step By Step Method with handbook steps utilizing AWS Administration Console . We shall be studying the AWS Providers with Sensible method. I've designed AWS Automation Collection programs in such a way that you could simply work with any of the AWS undertaking after ending the collection. This course is pre-requisite for my upcoming AWS Automation programs. I shall be coming with full AWS Automation collection with completely different applied sciences (Like Boto3 / PowerShell / Shell Scripting / Serverless Structure / Cloud DevOps ) within the Subsequent 6 Months. My Goal for this collection is that you'll study the Trade Normal completely different approaches of AWS Automation.

On this course you'll be Studying following Ideas and with LAB primarily based method

Learn AWS Step By Step With 3 Projects

STEP 1: OVERVIEW & SETUP : AWS Overview And Intial Setup​

  • Prior To AWS
  • What's AWS Areas / Availibility Zone / Edge Places
  • Setting Up The AWS Free Tier Account

STEP 2: ECOSYSTEM : Learn AWS Ecosystem​

  • Perceive AWS Administration Console
  • Setup Free Tier Utilization Billing Alarm
  • Perceive Identification entry administration

STEP 3: COMPUTE : Study AWS Compute Service​

  • CONCEPT - Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
  • LAB - Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
  • STEP 4: BLOCK STORAGE: Study AWS Elastic Block Storage
  • CONCEPT - Elastic Block Storage (EBS)
  • LAB - Elastic Block Storage (EBS)

STEP 5:MACHINE IMAGE : Learn About Amazon Machine Image​

  • PROJECT I: Make EC2 Occasion As Webserver
  • PROJECT II : EC2 : Make EC2 Occasion As Webserver

STEP 6: Bootstrapping​

  • Learn Bootstrapping

STEP 7: Learn About Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) In Depth​

  • CONCEPT : VPC Element : Introduction with Subnet and CIDR Block
  • CONCEPT : VPC Element : Safety Group
  • LAB : VPC Element : Safety Group
  • CONCEPT : VPC Element : RouteTable
  • CONCEPT : VPC Element : Web Gateway
  • CONCEPT : VPC Element : Elastic IP
  • CONCEPT : VPC Element : NAT (Community Handle Translation)
  • CONCEPT : VPC Element : Egress-Solely Web Gateways
  • CONCEPT : VPC Element : Circulate Logs / NACL / Implied Router
  • LAB: Default VPC
  • Design Customized VPC

STEP 8: ELB: Learn About AWS Elastic Load Balancing​

  • CONCEPT AND LAB: ELB : Elastic Load Balancer

STEP 9: S3 : Learn About Easy Storage Service​

  • CONCEPTS : S3 : Easy Storage Service
  • LAB: S3 : Easy Storage Service

STEP 10: MONITORING : AWS-Cloudwatch​

  • CONCEPT : AWS Cloudwatch

STEP 11: CDN : Study About AWS Cloudfront​

  • CONCEPTS : CDN : AWS Cloudfront
  • LAB: CDN : AWS Cloudfront
  • STEP 12 : ROUTE53 : Study About Route53
  • CONCEPTS: ROUTE53 : Study Route53

STEP 13: DATABASES : AWS Relational Database Service(RDS)​

  • CONCEPTS : RDS : Study About AWS Relational Database Service
  • LAB: RDS : Study About AWS Relational Database Service
  • FINAL PROJECT: Design Excessive Availability AWS Infrastructure
  • Design Excessive Availability AWS Infrastructure

Project Description​

Design High Availability AWS Infrastructure

When you end the course it's good to design the under excessive obtainable aws structure. This structure needs to be self therapeutic which means if any of the EC2 occasion crashed it ought to robotically created once more. To Design Excessive obtainable structure it's good to use under aws elements
  1. EC2
  2. Security Group
  3. Subnet
  4. Autoscaling
  5. AMI
  6. Elastic Loading Balancer

Who this course is for:​

  • Who wish to Study AWS with Trade Observe
  • Who Need To Study AWS Providers Step By Step
  • Who Need To Study How To Design Excessive Availibity AWS Infrastructure
  • Who wish to learn to create Core Providers Of AWS Manually utilizing AWS Administration Console
  • Who wish to Study Handbook Steps for Creating AWS Providers For Automating AWS.
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