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Download Perfex v2.7.0 – Powerful Open Source CRM

Changelog: Perfex CRM – Version 2.7.0 (August 17, 2020)
  • Added ability to specify tasks cron job automation hours.
  • Added ability to create a task while stopping the timer without a task.
  • Added {project_name} merge field in email templates for invoices, estimates, contracts, subscriptions, and tickets.
  • Added “Download All” lead attachments in .zip option.
  • Added task-related name and link on kan-ban and border based on the task priority.
  • Added ability on customers area contact to select language on the login page.
  • Billed tasks created from the client, won’t be editable in the customers area.
  • Added ability primary contact to create and edit other customer contacts in the customers area.
  • Changed: Draft invoice won’t have a number assigned until it’s sent to the customer.
  • Added new hotkey to toggle sidebar Shift+F.
  • Added “Save and send later” feature for estimates.
  • Removed the deprecated 2Checkout and Authorize AIM and SIM gateways.
  • Updated milestones kan-ban in customers area to have horizontal scroll instead of stacking the milestones columns.
  • Fully replaced the IMAP library for reading emails.
  • Fixed expenses detailed report not loading sometimes.
  • Fixed sometimes Gantt date update clears task dates.
  • Fixed hard-coded table name in Dashboard mode.
  • Fixed pre tags in task comments go outside the specific width.
  • Fixed non-admin users can change leads to statuses colors from kan-ban view.
  • Fixed customer subscribed to subscription email sent multiple times
Download Perfex CRM v2.6.0 - Perfex CRM Download Free

Changelog: Perfex CRM - Version 2.6.0 – June 16, 2020

  • Added “mail” usage protocol warning
  • Fully replaced the Gantt plugin.
  • Fix email queue CC
  • Fix core my_ prefixed files not working inside modules
  • Fixed discussions numbered lists not styled.
  • Fixed milestones kanban load more tasks.
  • Fixed first name and last name without space when having an individual as a customer.
Upgrading to 2.6.0

Perfex CRM version 2.6.0 comes with a new Gantt for the tasks, in customers area, per project and for all projects Gantt.

If you are using your own customers area theme, or any of my_ prefixed files in the admin area, you should double-check them in case the Gantt is not opening properly.

If the Gantt is not opening properly, probably your files/theme are not compatible, you should work with your developer to adjust the files, as an example, you can compare them to the original core files.
Download Perfex CRM v2.5.1 - Perfex CRM CodeCanyon

Changelog: Perfex CRM - Version 2.5.1 – June 6, 2020
  • Fixed cannot download files.
  • Fixes task checklist items height.
  • Fixed contracts expiring widget visibility
Perfex CRM - Version 2.5.0 - June 3, 2020
  • Added ability to link contracts to projects.
  • Added new contracts tab when viewing a project in admin and client area.
  • Added option to show/hide task reminders from the calendar.
  • Added new goal “Invoiced Amount”.
  • Discussion attachment will be added to the sent email.
  • Added Ukrainian language.
  • Updated Italian language.
  • Added milestone description in milestones table.
  • Added contracts about to expire widget for the dashboard.
  • Added lead value field.
  • Improved: Lost leads will be shown leads overview widget.
  • Improved: In the knowledge base, images with links won’t be opened in a lightbox
  • Improved: TinyMCE editor will respect the Chinese language.
  • Improved: Email template for 2-factor authentication won’t be added in the queue when enabled.
  • Improved: All goals will be shown in the dashboard based on the staff permissions.
  • Changed: Two-factor auth key length will be set to 8 for a better mobile experience.
  • Updated MSG91 integration.
  • Added ability to add 2 tax rates on subscription.
  • Added ability to skip reCaptcha validation by IP addresses.
  • Added new Authorize.net Accept.js integration.
  • Deprecated Authorize SIM and AIM integration as it’s deprecated from Authorize.net, use the Accept.js integration instead.
  • Fixed assigned not receive an email notification on new ticket creation.
  • Fixed issue with tags when the tag name begins with a number.
  • Fixed task-related reminders are not shown on the calendar.
  • Fixed project files discussion editor only shown on first file open.
  • Fixed date picker with time cannot select a time on mobile.
  • Fixed Braintree total amount not correct when paying an invoice.
  • Fixed custom project status name not shown in the dashboard activity widget.
  • Fixed notifications links on click on iOS devices.
  • Fixed proposal comments in customers are scroll on mobile.
  • Fixed page break not working on PDF.
  • Fixed recurring invoices cycles cannot be updated.
  • Fixed related tasks table width.
  • Fixed new comment email template sent to the customer when the customer is not allowed to view task comments via project settings.
Updating to version 2.5.0

Custom Files

If you are using your own theme for the customers area, a module as a theme or my_prefixed files make sure to double-check the following files:
  • application/views/themes/[your-custom-theme]/views/login.php
  • application/views/authentication/login_admin.php
  • application\views\themes\[your-custom-theme]\views\register.php
Try to compare the files with the original core files to see the difference on how it’s checked whether to show the reCaptcha or not.

Authorize.net Gateway

If you are using the Authorize.net SIM and AIM gateways, you should know that they are deprecated from Authorize.net, and in Perfex CRM, in future versions will be removed.

You should start using Authorize Accept JS payment gateway instead.
Download Perfex CRM v2.4.4 - Customers Relationship & Project Management

Changelog: Perfex CRM - Version 2.4.4 - February 22, 2020

  • Fixed project progress on RTL no showing correctly.
  • Fixed email templates URL merge fields.
  • Fixed item select field width when invoicing project.
  • Fixed ticket special characters issue on ticket import and when a ticket is opened via the customers area.
  • Fixed special characters are removed when inserting data via the editor.
  • Fixed staff timesheets reports not filtering properly.
Download Perfex CRM v2.4.3 - Customers Relationship & Project Management

Changelog: Perfex CRM - Version 2.4.3 – February 12, 2020

  • In the admin area, for the WYSIWYG editor, the content will be purified for additional security before inserting in database.
  • Fixed an issue where {period} merge field for recurring invoices not working properly on specific date formats.
  • Fixed an issue when in some cases when the imported ticket message contains emojis, the rest of the message text is removed.
Download Perfex CRM v2.4.2 - Customers Relationship & Project Management

Changelog: Perfex CRM - Version 2.4.2 – February 10, 2020

  • Added public ticket URL.
  • Updated: Items in PDF will show the headings on the next page too (if any).
  • Changed: Moved GDPR menu in customers area under the profile dropdown.
  • Changed: After project is created, only staff with permissions for projects EDIT will be able to create/remove project members.
  • Security improvements.
  • Fixed invoices bulk PDF export not working properly.
  • Fixed {period} merge field for recurring invoices not showing on PDF.
  • Fixed dashboard widgets weekly payments sometimes are not correct.
  • Fixed project file discussion editor height not correct.
  • Fixed count error on php 7.4 when viewing estimates overview.

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