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Porto Multipurpose WooCommerce Wordpress Theme

Wordpress Porto Multipurpose WooCommerce Wordpress Theme 5.4.6

Download Porto v5.4.6 - Wordpress WooCommerce Theme

Changelog Porto - Version 5.4.6 (Sep 16th.2020)
  • Added: an option in speed optimize wizard to dequeue Gutenberg block css if it isn't used
  • Added: "Full Width" mega menu type in "Popup Position" field when creating mega menu
  • Updated: Increased 5 page speed score in Google Page Speed
  • Updated: product variation clear button style in single product page
  • Fixed: appear animation effect not working well in owl carousel
  • Fixed: Large display width compatibility issue with Elementor 3.x
  • Fixed: Portfolio Ajax Modal issue when using 2 elements together
  • Fixed: dual error alerts were displayed in single variable product page after clicking add to cart button without setting variations
  • Fixed: Product order doesn't work when loading more products by ajax in Porto product elements
  • Fixed: single product page title not accepting HTML
  • Fixed: minor javascript warnings in admin.js
Download Porto v5.4.4 - Wordpress Theme

Changelog Porto - Version 5.4.4 (Aug 24th.2020)

  • Added: Google Map Elementor widget
  • Added: Portfolio categories Elementor widget
  • Updated: Compatibility with WPBakery 6.2.0
  • Updated: Compatibility with Elementor Pro
  • Updated: reduced JavaScript rendering time to 50% in front-end
  • Fixed: Elementor demo import not working when using WordPress 5.5 and Elementor 2.9.14
  • Fixed: checking checkbox using js not working well in admin wizard
  • Fixed: Porto Section scroll not working on Windows Touch pc
Download Porto v5.4.3 - Multipurpose & WooCommerce Theme

Changelog Porto - Version 5.4.3 (Aug 12th.2020)

  • Added: IT Services demo (WPBakery and Elementor)
  • Added: Digital Agency 2 demo (WPBakery and Elementor)
  • Added: Digital Agency 2 Dark demo (WPBakery and Elementor)
  • Added: Shop 7 Elementor demo
  • Added: Shop 35 demo (WPBakery and Elementor)
  • Added: Shop 36 demo (WPBakery and Elementor)
  • Added: Construction 2 Elementor demo
  • Added: Business Consulting 2 Elementor demo
  • Added: Medical 2 Elementor demo
  • Added: SEO2 Elementor demo
  • Added: Agency One Page Elementor demo
  • Added: Digital Agency Elementor demo
  • Added: Barber Shop Elementor demo
  • Added: Band Elementor demo
  • Added: SASS Elementor demo
  • Added: Architecture & Interior Design Elementor demo
  • Added: Coffee Shop Elementor demo
  • Added: Education Elementor demo
  • Added: Hotel Elementor demo
  • Added: Restaurant Elementor demo
  • Added: Insurance Elementor demo
  • Added: Gym Elementor demo
  • Added: Porto Elementor Faqs widget
  • Added: a function to display sticky bottom nav bar on mobile
  • Updated: Porto Shop 7 WPBakery demo
  • Updated: Landing page
  • Updated: newsletter popup of shop demos
  • Updated: Porto Elementor Carousel widget by adding stage padding field
  • Updated: Porto Products elements by adding filter by "All"
  • Updated: Optimized Frontend Javascript rendering time .2s
  • Fixed: role="alert" conflict issue between WooCommerce and Contact Form 7 in cart page
  • Fixed: Yith Ajax reset filter button not working well in shop pages when there are no products
  • Fixed: sidebar products filter not working well on IOS mobile
  • Fixed: page scrolling issue of load more products on Google Chrome
Download Porto v5.4.2 - Multipurpose & WooCommerce Theme
  • Added: Porto Elementor Events widget
  • Added: Porto Elementor Fancy Text widget to display rotating words
  • Added: Porto Elementor Countdown timer widget
  • Updated: Porto Elementor Info Box widget by adding usage of svg icon
  • Updated: compatibility with WooCommerce 4.3.1
  • Fixed: Image icon hover effect wasn't working in Porto Info box element
  • Fixed: Bootstrap tooltip not working on magnific popup
  • Fixed: Porto Studio blocks not displayed correctly when using Elementor and WPBakery page builders together
  • Fixed: Home page revsliders of Architecture demo and Band demo not working well after import
  • Fixed: minor js error in single variable product page when product image popup is disabled
  • Fixed: HTML content wasn't rendering in the thank you message of Gravity Form
  • Fixed: the ID field of WPBakery Column element was not working
  • Fixed: compatibility with product archive builder of Elementor Pro
  • Fixed: home page banner slider's layout issue in Elementor shop demo 13
  • Fixed: Header wishlist count not refreshing after adding item to the wishlist or removing item from the wishlist
Download Porto v5.4.1 - Multipurpose & WooCommerce Theme

Changelog Porto - Version 5.4.1 (Jul 06th.2020)

  • Added: Porto Elementor recent portfolios widget
  • Added: Porto Elementor Circular Bar widget
  • Added: font size, font weight, letter spacing, padding and extra class input fields for Porto WPBakery Button element
  • Added: a margin bottom field for Porto Elementor Counter widget
  • Fixed: Image lazyload issue in Owl Carousel with infinite loop
  • Fixed: some order by fields were not working for products, blog and portfolio elements
  • Fixed: Porto popup menu type wasn't working on mobile for some header preset types
  • Fixed: Elementor plugin compatibility issue after enabling pre order without activating WooCommerce plugin
  • Fixed: Porto section scroll element's touch scrolling issue on large touch screens
  • Fixed: some Elementor's widgets which are using JavaScript were not working when they were placed in a Porto block and it was placed in a page which wasn't edited using Elementor
  • Fixed: Porto Elementor recent members widget's view type wasn't working
  • Fixed: Porto Ultimate Carousel element wasn't working
  • Fixed: Porto product categories Gutenberg block's grid view wasn't working well in Gutenberg editor
Download Porto v5.4.0 - Multipurpose & WooCommerce Theme

Changelog Porto - Version 5.4.0 (Jun 26th.2020)

  • Added: Construction 2 demo
  • Added: Business Consulting 2 demo
  • Added: Medical 2 demo
  • Added: SEO 2 demo
  • Added: Elementor SEO demo
  • Added: Elementor Shop demo 23
  • Added: Elementor Shop demo 24
  • Added: Elementor Shop demo 25
  • Added: Elementor Shop demo 27
  • Added: Elementor Shop demo 28
  • Added: Elementor Shop demo 29
  • Added: Elementor Shop demo 30
  • Added: Elementor Shop demo 31
  • Added: Elementor Shop demo 32
  • Added: Elementor Shop demo 33
  • Added: Shop demo 34 (WPBakery and Elementor)
  • Added: a function to sort products by sales, date and rating for Porto featured products and Porto products elements
  • Added: a function to search for options in the Porto theme options panel
  • Added: a dots style field to change dots style for Porto elements which supports slider view
  • Added: a column spacing field for creative or masonry grid layout of Porto portfolios element
  • Added: a "Show Author Testimonial" theme option under Porto -> Theme Options -> Portfolio -> Portfolio Archives to display portfolio testimonials in portfolio archive page
  • Added: Elementor floating animation fields to column element, ultimate heading widget and button widget
  • Added: Elementor dialog widget to display dialog box
  • Added: Porto Elementor members, recent members and pricing table widgets
  • Updated: the design of Porto Setup Wizard
  • Updated: the design of Porto Speed Optimize panel
  • Updated: the design of WPBakery Editor
  • Updated: the design of Porto Theme Options panel
  • Updated: the design of Porto admin pages
  • Updated: full compatibility with WPBakery front-end editor
  • Updated: increased loading speed 0.4s in Theme Options panel
  • Updated: increased loading speed 1s in live theme options panel by compiling bootstrap css when only related options were changed and initalizing option control js when the panel is opened
  • Updated: deprecated functions of WPML Multilingual CMS plugin to the new functions
  • Fixed: minor style issues of some shop demos on IE 10 and 11
  • Fixed: Porto -> Theme Options -> Post -> Post Carousel -> "Image Borders" not working fine
  • Fixed: Mini cart not working fine on single product page when customer add the product to the cart, remove it from the mini cart and add to cart again
  • Fixed: page isn't scrolling to the top of the products after clicking page numbers on the default pagination of Porto products elements
  • Fixed: a php error in Elementor Custom Product Layout builder when php version is less than 7.2
  • Fixed: porto block compatibility with Polylang and WPML
  • Fixed: Google itatlic fonts were not included
  • Fixed: RTL issues in WPBakery front-end editor
  • Fixed: Porto blog link didn't appear on single post breadcrumb
  • Fixed: Porto popup menu wasn't working well on mobile
Download Porto v5.3.2 Wordpress Theme

Changelog: Porto -
Version 5.3.2 (May 13th.2020)

  • Added: Elementor Column element options to use the column as a carousel
  • Added: Elementor Modal Dialog Box widget
  • Added: Elementor Sidebar Menu widget to display sidebar menu on the page
  • Added: Elementor Products Filter widget to display the select/list boxes to filter products by category, price or attributes
  • Added: dots style control for Elementor carousel element, blog, products and recent posts widgets
  • Updated: Custom Product Layout builder to be compatible with Elementor
  • Updated: Compatibility with WooCommerce 4.1.0
  • Updated: Porto setup wizard to display warning message when activating WPBakery and Elementor page builders together
  • Updated: Revslider plugin to 6.2.2
  • Fixed: minor js errors on IE 10 and 11
  • Fixed: wrong page style issue when importing WPBakery or Gutenberg demo after importing Elementor demo
  • Fixed: WPBakery demo importing issue when activating WPBakery and Elementor page builders together
Download Porto v5.3.0 Multipurpose & WooCommerce Wordpress Theme

Changelog: Porto - Version 5.3.0 (April 10th.2020)

  • Added: Elementor Classic Original demo
  • Added: Elementor Construction demo
  • Added: Elementor Shop 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 20, 22 and 26 demos
  • Added: Gutenberg Classic Original demo
  • Added: Gutenberg Shop 1, 2, 4 and 26 demos
  • Added: Pre-Order functionality to offer customers the chance to purchase the out of stock products and receive them only after they are officially on sale
  • Added: My Account and Wishlist Icon at the top of header side type
  • Added: a theme option under Woocommerce to display product price and add to cart for the selected user roles only
  • Added: My Account and Wishlist Icon elements to header builder
  • Added: a theme option under Skin -> Mini Cart to set the font size of minicart icon
  • Added: an option to hide breadcrumbs for Porto Page Header element
  • Added: Masonry Container, Heading, Button and Porto Section and Porto Product Categories Gutenberg Blocks
  • Added: Portfolio, Carousel, Banner, Creative Grid and Button Elementor widgets
  • Added: Parallax background for Elementor Section and Column elements
  • Added: Porto Studio compatibility with the Elementor page builder
  • Added: Porto Studio button at the bottom of Elementor editor
Download Porto v5.1.1 Multipurpose & WooCommerce Wordpress Theme Updated

Changelog: Porto - Version 5.1.1 (November 20th.2019)
  • Updated: language files
  • Fixed: minor style issues for WC Vendors plugin
  • Fixed: product order was not working for Porto products elements when using product ids field
  • Fixed: quantity input field style issue on single product page which uses custom product layout
  • Fixed: Portfolios and members grid layout columns issue for devices using 1.5 pixel ratio
  • Fixed: wrong message on woocommerce login form when generating username automatically
Download Porto v5.1.0 Multipurpose & WooCommerce Wordpress ecommerce Theme Latest Version Updated

Changelog: Porto - Version 5.1.0 (November 09th.2019)
  • Added: Shop 32 Demo
  • Added: Shop 33 Demo
  • Added: custom product layout builder
  • Added: Elementor plugin compatibility
  • Added: skeleton screen effects on loading page and ajax loading. It can be enabled in Theme Options -> General.
  • Added: lazy load menu in Speed Optimize Wizard
  • Added: list display type for porto products filter element
  • Added: porto_sidebar_menu element to add sidebar menu to the page
  • Added: new blocks to Porto Studio for shop 32 and homepage revolution sliders
  • Added: a theme option under Theme Options -> Header -> Mobile Panel -> Add Search Box to add search in mobile panel
  • Added: a theme option under Theme Options -> Header -> Sticky Header -> Show Contact Info to show contact info in sticky header
  • Updated: Shop 1 Demo
  • Updated: Shop 2 Demo
  • Updated: Shop 4 Demo
  • Updated: Shop 11 Demo
  • Updated: Shop 13 Demo
  • Updated: lazy load background images
  • Updated: options to enable sticky header for mobile and tablets only
  • Updated: used transparent images for png on page loading when using lazy load images
  • Updated: Porto Masonry Container element by adding predefined masonry layouts
  • Updated: Porto Interactive Banner element by adding layers and more hover effects
  • Updated: select box of masonry grid layout fields to images selector for some visual composer elements in editor
  • Updated: some Porto Studio blocks for shop 1, 2, 4, 11 and 13 according to the updated design
  • Updated: documentation by adding contents about custom product layout builder
  • Updated: Woocommerce 3.8.0 compatibility
  • Fixed: style issues for Porto Masonry Container and Interactive Banner element in Visual Composer frontend editor
  • Fixed: some js warnings on Firefox
  • Fixed: WooCommerce product page element not working fine
  • Fixed: footer links not working when using footer reveal efffect
  • Fixed: minor compatibility issues with WooCommerce Currency Switcher plugin when using WPML Currency Switcher plugin together
  • Fixed: Visual Composer shortcodes rendering issue on product quickview
  • Fixed: Porto Tab element image not showing for some styles
  • Fixed: Carousel elements not working well in Porto Tour element
  • Fixed: minor mobile header style issues for shop demos
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