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Porto Multipurpose WooCommerce Wordpress Theme

Wordpress Porto Multipurpose WooCommerce Wordpress Theme 5.4.0

Download Porto v5.4.0 - Multipurpose & WooCommerce Theme

Changelog Porto - Version 5.4.0 (Jun 26th.2020)

  • Added: Construction 2 demo
  • Added: Business Consulting 2 demo
  • Added: Medical 2 demo
  • Added: SEO 2 demo
  • Added: Elementor SEO demo
  • Added: Elementor Shop demo 23
  • Added: Elementor Shop demo 24
  • Added: Elementor Shop demo 25
  • Added: Elementor Shop demo 27
  • Added: Elementor Shop demo 28
  • Added: Elementor Shop demo 29
  • Added: Elementor Shop demo 30
  • Added: Elementor Shop demo 31
  • Added: Elementor Shop demo 32
  • Added: Elementor Shop demo 33
  • Added: Shop demo 34 (WPBakery and Elementor)
  • Added: a function to sort products by sales, date and rating for Porto featured products and Porto products elements
  • Added: a function to search for options in the Porto theme options panel
  • Added: a dots style field to change dots style for Porto elements which supports slider view
  • Added: a column spacing field for creative or masonry grid layout of Porto portfolios element
  • Added: a "Show Author Testimonial" theme option under Porto -> Theme Options -> Portfolio -> Portfolio Archives to display portfolio testimonials in portfolio archive page
  • Added: Elementor floating animation fields to column element, ultimate heading widget and button widget
  • Added: Elementor dialog widget to display dialog box
  • Added: Porto Elementor members, recent members and pricing table widgets
  • Updated: the design of Porto Setup Wizard
  • Updated: the design of Porto Speed Optimize panel
  • Updated: the design of WPBakery Editor
  • Updated: the design of Porto Theme Options panel
  • Updated: the design of Porto admin pages
  • Updated: full compatibility with WPBakery front-end editor
  • Updated: increased loading speed 0.4s in Theme Options panel
  • Updated: increased loading speed 1s in live theme options panel by compiling bootstrap css when only related options were changed and initalizing option control js when the panel is opened
  • Updated: deprecated functions of WPML Multilingual CMS plugin to the new functions
  • Fixed: minor style issues of some shop demos on IE 10 and 11
  • Fixed: Porto -> Theme Options -> Post -> Post Carousel -> "Image Borders" not working fine
  • Fixed: Mini cart not working fine on single product page when customer add the product to the cart, remove it from the mini cart and add to cart again
  • Fixed: page isn't scrolling to the top of the products after clicking page numbers on the default pagination of Porto products elements
  • Fixed: a php error in Elementor Custom Product Layout builder when php version is less than 7.2
  • Fixed: porto block compatibility with Polylang and WPML
  • Fixed: Google itatlic fonts were not included
  • Fixed: RTL issues in WPBakery front-end editor
  • Fixed: Porto blog link didn't appear on single post breadcrumb
  • Fixed: Porto popup menu wasn't working well on mobile
Download Porto v5.3.2 Wordpress Theme

Changelog: Porto -
Version 5.3.2 (May 13th.2020)

  • Added: Elementor Column element options to use the column as a carousel
  • Added: Elementor Modal Dialog Box widget
  • Added: Elementor Sidebar Menu widget to display sidebar menu on the page
  • Added: Elementor Products Filter widget to display the select/list boxes to filter products by category, price or attributes
  • Added: dots style control for Elementor carousel element, blog, products and recent posts widgets
  • Updated: Custom Product Layout builder to be compatible with Elementor
  • Updated: Compatibility with WooCommerce 4.1.0
  • Updated: Porto setup wizard to display warning message when activating WPBakery and Elementor page builders together
  • Updated: Revslider plugin to 6.2.2
  • Fixed: minor js errors on IE 10 and 11
  • Fixed: wrong page style issue when importing WPBakery or Gutenberg demo after importing Elementor demo
  • Fixed: WPBakery demo importing issue when activating WPBakery and Elementor page builders together
Download Porto v5.3.0 Multipurpose & WooCommerce Wordpress Theme

Changelog: Porto - Version 5.3.0 (April 10th.2020)

  • Added: Elementor Classic Original demo
  • Added: Elementor Construction demo
  • Added: Elementor Shop 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 20, 22 and 26 demos
  • Added: Gutenberg Classic Original demo
  • Added: Gutenberg Shop 1, 2, 4 and 26 demos
  • Added: Pre-Order functionality to offer customers the chance to purchase the out of stock products and receive them only after they are officially on sale
  • Added: My Account and Wishlist Icon at the top of header side type
  • Added: a theme option under Woocommerce to display product price and add to cart for the selected user roles only
  • Added: My Account and Wishlist Icon elements to header builder
  • Added: a theme option under Skin -> Mini Cart to set the font size of minicart icon
  • Added: an option to hide breadcrumbs for Porto Page Header element
  • Added: Masonry Container, Heading, Button and Porto Section and Porto Product Categories Gutenberg Blocks
  • Added: Portfolio, Carousel, Banner, Creative Grid and Button Elementor widgets
  • Added: Parallax background for Elementor Section and Column elements
  • Added: Porto Studio compatibility with the Elementor page builder
  • Added: Porto Studio button at the bottom of Elementor editor
Download Porto v5.1.1 Multipurpose & WooCommerce Wordpress Theme Updated

Changelog: Porto - Version 5.1.1 (November 20th.2019)
  • Updated: language files
  • Fixed: minor style issues for WC Vendors plugin
  • Fixed: product order was not working for Porto products elements when using product ids field
  • Fixed: quantity input field style issue on single product page which uses custom product layout
  • Fixed: Portfolios and members grid layout columns issue for devices using 1.5 pixel ratio
  • Fixed: wrong message on woocommerce login form when generating username automatically
Download Porto v5.1.0 Multipurpose & WooCommerce Wordpress ecommerce Theme Latest Version Updated

Changelog: Porto - Version 5.1.0 (November 09th.2019)
  • Added: Shop 32 Demo
  • Added: Shop 33 Demo
  • Added: custom product layout builder
  • Added: Elementor plugin compatibility
  • Added: skeleton screen effects on loading page and ajax loading. It can be enabled in Theme Options -> General.
  • Added: lazy load menu in Speed Optimize Wizard
  • Added: list display type for porto products filter element
  • Added: porto_sidebar_menu element to add sidebar menu to the page
  • Added: new blocks to Porto Studio for shop 32 and homepage revolution sliders
  • Added: a theme option under Theme Options -> Header -> Mobile Panel -> Add Search Box to add search in mobile panel
  • Added: a theme option under Theme Options -> Header -> Sticky Header -> Show Contact Info to show contact info in sticky header
  • Updated: Shop 1 Demo
  • Updated: Shop 2 Demo
  • Updated: Shop 4 Demo
  • Updated: Shop 11 Demo
  • Updated: Shop 13 Demo
  • Updated: lazy load background images
  • Updated: options to enable sticky header for mobile and tablets only
  • Updated: used transparent images for png on page loading when using lazy load images
  • Updated: Porto Masonry Container element by adding predefined masonry layouts
  • Updated: Porto Interactive Banner element by adding layers and more hover effects
  • Updated: select box of masonry grid layout fields to images selector for some visual composer elements in editor
  • Updated: some Porto Studio blocks for shop 1, 2, 4, 11 and 13 according to the updated design
  • Updated: documentation by adding contents about custom product layout builder
  • Updated: Woocommerce 3.8.0 compatibility
  • Fixed: style issues for Porto Masonry Container and Interactive Banner element in Visual Composer frontend editor
  • Fixed: some js warnings on Firefox
  • Fixed: WooCommerce product page element not working fine
  • Fixed: footer links not working when using footer reveal efffect
  • Fixed: minor compatibility issues with WooCommerce Currency Switcher plugin when using WPML Currency Switcher plugin together
  • Fixed: Visual Composer shortcodes rendering issue on product quickview
  • Fixed: Porto Tab element image not showing for some styles
  • Fixed: Carousel elements not working well in Porto Tour element
  • Fixed: minor mobile header style issues for shop demos
Download Porto v5.0.1 Multipurpose & WooCommerce Wordpress ecommerce Theme Latest Version Updated

Changelog: Porto - Version 5.0.1 (September 20th - 2019)

- Fixed: header type 2 sticky header style issue
- Fixed: standard image sizes (thumbnail, medium, large and medium_large) not working for image size field of porto recent posts and porto blog elements
- Fixed: column padding issue in Visual Composer front-end editor
- Fixed: main side navigation was not scrolling on iOS Safari
Download Porto v4.11.7 Multipurpose & WooCommerce Wordpress ecommerce Theme Latest Version

Changelog: Porto Version 4.11.7 (July 22nd.2019)
  • Updated: Compatibility with Visual Composer 6.0.4
  • Updated: Revslider plugin to 6.0.4
  • Updated: Woocommerce files to 3.7 beta version
  • Fixed: the spacing issue between elements on visual composer front-end editor
Download Porto v4.11.6 Multipurpose & WooCommerce Wordpress ecommerce Theme Latest Version Updated

Changelog: Porto Version 4.11.6 (June 26.2019)
  • Fixed: main product image lightbox issue on single product page if we enable image/color swatches in product archives
  • Fixed: minor style comflict issue with visual composer internal styles
  • Fixed: breadcrumbs issue in Dokan store page
  • Fixed: fontawesome icon issue in visual composer icon picker fields
  • Fixed: Out of Stock status issue on shop pages when we translate this text
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Download Porto v4.11.5 Multipurpose & WooCommerce Wordpress ecommerce Theme Latest Version Updated

Changelog: Version 4.11.5 (June 12.2019)
  • Fixed: color background issue of porto testimonial, tab, counter shortcodes
  • Updated: column gap in Visual Composer Row element by setting selected gap space only between columns

To Activate theme and install demos:

To null the theme, in the file inc/admin/admin.php find the function check_purchase_code Line 91 and after line 91 add this code:

return "verified";

Now use any key to activate the theme.

Upload the demo zips (not the single big zip file but the individual demo files) to your WP install wp-content/uploads/porto_demos (you will need to create this folder)

Then in the file porto/inc/plugins/importer/imported-api.php, comment out line 146 Find this
$response = wp_remote_get( $url, $args );
and change it to
// $response = wp_remote_get( $url, $args );
A few lines later (151) change
$body = wp_remote_retrieve_body( $response );
$body = file_get_contents('../wp-content/uploads/porto_demos/' . $this->demo . '.zip');
Now you can install any of the demos.
Please note that you must have installed and activated any plugins necessary for the demo (it will tell you if you are missing a plugin when you go to install the demo)
Unotuched Version with demos: https://mega.nz/#!b7JVEAbB!m4bnYOxb10eibx2qjwiFVi2YXNu_nSg-qxBPreKP8d4
Download Porto v4.11.4 Multipurpose & WooCommerce (eCommerce) Wordpress Theme Latest Version Updated

Changelog: Porto Version 4.11.4 (May 31.2019)

+ Added: a theme option to check if excerpt length is based on words or characters under Theme Options -> Blog -> Blog & Post Archives
  • Fixed: WooCommerce registration form issue when not generating an account password automatically
  • Fixed: external link issue for Post Format Link
  • Fixed: product custom tab content format issue
  • Fixed: css3 animation effect conflict issue with Visual Composer plugin
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