[SkillShare] Python For Absolute Beginner​

[SkillShare] Python For Absolute Beginner

Python For Absolute Beginner course will train all the things in regards to the programming utilizing python and this course is focused towards absolute newbie which implies if in case you have by no means written a line of code don't be concerned we are going to begin by understanding what's a programming langugage and what it could actually do for us so there aren't any prerequisite for this course.

Course Description

So what's python why would you need to be taught it. First let's check out what you'll be able to build with python.

  • Server Side Web Application
  • Desktop Application
  • API for Mobile and Web apps
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Inteligence

As you'll be able to see python cowl many differnt areas in IT and it is likely one of the most in demand programming language so if you wish to get a job as programming python is nice for that.

Python For Absolute Beginner course we are going to begin by understanding how pc perceive code and the way can we give intructions to the pc to carry out some job for us. As soon as we perceive the fundamentals we are going to leap proper into python. We are going to cowl these matters

  • Setup Development Envrionment for ( Windows / Mac / Linux )
  • Python Repl
  • Terminal Commands
  • Variables
  • Condition Statements
  • Loops
  • Data Structure
  • Object Oriented Nature of Python
There are a number of excersices through out the course to test our skills.

Project Description

Python For Absolute Beginner There are a number of exercises obtainable within the course. I might extremely suggest write code together with me and private these exercise earlier than watching the answer. After getting the answer then you'll be able to examine you answer with mine.

There are additionally small actions i'll ask you to do in the course of the course so make certain carry out these actions the get he most out of this course.
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