SEO Booster Premium - SEO WordPress Plugin By CleverPlugins Free Download Latest Version

SEO Booster Premium - SEO WordPress Plugin By CleverPlugins Free Download Latest Version 3.5.22

SEO Booster Premium - SEO WordPress Plugin

Save hours of painstaking SEO analysis. Discover keywords that attract visitors. Who links to you, find backlinks and more. SEO Booster Premium is a powerful tool for anyone who is serious about SEO.

SEO Booster Premium - SEO WordPress Plugin

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Google and other search engines have stopped sharing information about what people search for, but there are hundreds of other search engines who still does.

SEO Booster is trained to listen to 490+ different search engine sources and get which keyword was used to find your site.

All visits - also from backlinks are monitored - so you can discover new links to you quickly.

Powerful features include keyword internal linking, 404 error monitoring, crawler visits and much more.

cleverplugins SEO Booster Premium


SEO Booster is a powerful tool for anyone serious about SEO.
  • Discover keywords from 600+ keyword sources – Monitor more than just Google.
  • Autolink: Enter keyword phrase and URL and instantly link keywords in your content to where you want.
  • Feature: All backlinks are discovered and listed – Know who links to you and where.
  • Feature: Create tags or categories from keywords and tag posts automatically.
  • Feature: 404 Error monitoring – discover errors on your site.
  • Overview that SEO Analytics software won’t give you.
  • Uncluttered view of what brings traffic.
  • Overview of where you should work to improve SEO.
  • Pro version has more powerful features.
Get keywords from visitors from 600+ search engines, keyword automatic linking or inject keyword in title-tag, find out who links to you, find 404 missing content, link automatically internally and so much more.
Feature packed – 404 error, dynamic tagging using keywords from search engines, widgets that displays incoming keywords, backlinks monitoring and a lot more.

Automatically make keywords in your text link to the right pages on your website.

Google has long ago stopped sending keyword information, but they are still the biggest source of traffic.
There are hundreds of other search engines that does not send the same amount of traffic, but regularly send more information which keywords visitors use to find your website.

SEO Booster tracks visitors from over 500 Search Engines giving you a much better insight.

All backlinks that are found from visitors are kept for you. Easy way to discover who links to you.
  • PRO feature – All backlinks are regularly checked and verified and you get more details about the link itself, such as anchor text etc.
Optional feature – Keep an eye out for pages and files on your website that does not exist.

SEO Booster Multi-Site compatible. The settings for the plugin can be tweaked individually for each site.

Optional feature – Keywords are converted to tags and post and pages are automatically tagged and crosslinked with eachother.

Widget displays links to other pages on website using keywords from search engines.

Proudly display the keywords used to find the page you are on.

The following plugins are confirmed working with SEO Booster and integrates one or more features with them.
  • Yoast SEO – Import “Focus Keyword” as Keywords -> Link + Add keyword to title-tag feature.
  • All in One SEO Pack. – Add keyword to title-tag feature.
  • SEOPress. – Add keyword to title-tag feature.
  • Google PageSpeed Insights built in – Check your site is fast!
  • Crawler visits – Keeps an eye out for which pages have been visited by search engine crawlers. Helps you locate pages that need more attention.
  • Get more details about links to your website.
  • Backlinks are verified and more details gathered automatically. Great for easy backlink audits.
  • Keyword injection – Put the most popular keyword in the front or end of the tag – Great for dynamically updating your content without doing much.
  • Export keywords, backlinks and 404 errors to .csv files.
  • Get premium support.
Changelog: SEO Booster Premium Version 3.5.22
  • NEW: Auto Link - Replace keywords only once or multiple times. You can now control if you want the "keyword" changed to a link just first time found in the text or every time it is found.
  • Fix: Minor - PHP notice if website has less than 2 logged visits.
  • Fix: PHP notice for WF_SN_TEXT_DOMAIN not found.
  • Tested Auto Link in Avada theme.
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