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Changelog: Slider Revolution - Version 6.2.22 (21th August 2020)


  • Fixed a bug where post based sliders would show the featured image instead of its correct setting, if the background type was set to transparent or colored and image from stream was set to on
  • Fixed a conflict with the oxygen builder plugin that resulted in the previews of sliders not working properly
  • Moved the loading of custom eases to a later point to save some time for the first rendering of elements
  • Fixed initialisation of Slider Revolution if 3rd party plugins and/or themes do unbind state events on DOM
  • Fixed the admin top bar list where all slider were listed in some odd cases
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Changelog: Slider Revolution - Version 6.2.21 (18th August 2020)


  • The initialisation process when more than 1 slider exists, may have broken the page loading. Important fix
  • Fixed an early call of dimension updates in carousel mode, which may produce some JavaScript erros in some odd cases.
Download Slider Revolution v6.2.20 - Wordpress Plugin

Changelog: Slider Revolution - Version 6.2.20 (16th August 2020)


  • Auto sized containers and their content may not get the right dimensions if tabs or thumbnails are added outside of the module
  • Added protection against issues if the jQuery library is loaded in the footer
  • Fixed issues for Vimeo background video sizing issues if dimensions are doubled to retina size
Version 6.2.19 (14th August 2020)


  • Added fixes for future jQuery compatibility for upcoming WordPress versions (5.6+!) in december

  • Particles Effects 2.2.6: WP 5.5 issues fixed
  • Added protection against wrong URL parameter orders which can negatively effect Slider Revolution editor mode
  • Added protection against 3rd party and theme WP5.5 incompatibilities. Even if the theme or 3rd party plugin throws JavaScript errors, Slider Revolution will try its best to process normaly
Version 6.2.18 (11th August 2020)

  • WordPress Version 5.5 Gutenberg compatibility added

  • Copy/Paste shapes in editor with % based sizes may failed. This issue has been fixed now
  • Group, row and column layers can only have JavaScript based actions. The "a" tag option is removed now for these layer types
  • Fixed rows and layer alignment issue in RTL mode
  • Fixed overall calculation issues on layers in RTL mode
  • Fixed layer repositioning on refocus bug when the 'respect ratio' option is turned on
  • Backend rows/columns background style with padding and margin may not show the same result as in frontend. This styling issue has been fixed now
  • Fixed resize issue for auto layout slider
  • Fixed scrollbar issue for windows where on resizing scrollbar disappears/reappears
  • Fixed custom navigation skin CSS metas, where no new metas can be added if at first start a meta was not existing
  • Fixed static layer failing display in IE11
  • Fixed issue where 3D transformed layers jump due to changed perspective
  • Font Family drop down in the navigation editor for custom meta placeholders has been fixed
  • Bubbledmorph: Fixed a bug where bubblemorphs disappear on desktop. Version 2.1.5 Required
  • Fixed calculation of layer positions during browser resizing
  • Fixed iOS Zoom calculation issues
  • Video resizing issue after orientation change fixed on mobile devices
  • Instagram and other social stream video sources and their image covers was not showing in some kind of odd situations. This issue has been fixed now
  • Fixed HTML5 flickering issues on slide change and loop
  • Slider optimization overview delivered undefined values
Download Slider Revolution v6.2.17 Responsive WordPress Plugin

Changelog Slider Revolution - Version 6.2.17 (17th July 2020)

New Features
  • Added new option: Start Background Video after the slide transition finished to avoid issues where the bg videos first few seconds were missing if the transition animated only the poster image
  • added two missing ; into JavaScript parts in output.class.php
  • Fixed Kenburns effects initial load issue where the background was getting a wrong height
  • Fixed the background video flash effect at the first start of the video
  • Added support for slider exported on Safari where after re-compressing, the slider wasn't getting imported properly
  • Bubbledmorph: Fixed converted sizes order (mobile was getting the wrong size)
  • Throttled scroll event listener to improve performance
  • Fixed a bug where modules could not be initialised if they opened delayed via a custom scripts or were loaded per ajax not using internal functions.
  • Fixed Toggled Text styling issues, where the whitespace settings were not written onto the toggled content, but only on idle content
  • Fixed instagram, taking the videos even if the slide is set to transparent
  • Changed HTML5 video in animation to avoid flickering when the poster and video crossfades
  • Fixed slide based align issues in default WordPress themes where the parent container size calculation may not deliver the right dimensions
  • Fixed optimizer JavaScript error if it was called from the Module Overview page and AddOns are in use but not loaded yet
Download Slider Revolution v6.2.15 - Wordpress Plugin

Changelog: Slider Revolution - Version 6.2.15 (26th June 2020)

New Features

  • Added the layer upscaling option module wide for fullwidth sliders which will open new design directions for % scaled elements i.e (See our Charity Map Template functionality)
  • Added align by option for the progress bar which can now be aligned by grid and module


  • Position information will be hidden by dragging elements within columns or out of the columns to hide unneeded undefined parameters
  • Added protection against infinity loops in the overview page in case folders were somehow pointing into each other creating recursive traps
  • Fixed a bug where text and button layers with placholders did not refresh the visibility after editing their real content in the editor
  • Fixed a bug where video streams would not work properly
  • Fixed Instagram Stream functionality
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Changelog: Slider Revolution - Version 6.2.14 (20th June 2020)


  • Fixed a bug where JavaScript based simple links doubles the output and brakes the link process. This was an earlier fix for the action "CallBack" where ":" chars did brake the callback function. Both bugs are fixed now
Version 6.2.13 (20th June 2020)

New Features

  • Added further warnings in editor in case of a conflict with themes/plugins and server accessability
  • Fixed a bug where WPML slides of a slider would not be duplicated
  • Fixed issue with ":" special chars in call back actions
  • Fixed an issue where opening a modal with slide "x" multiple times was breaking the opening process
  • Fixed an odd zIndex issue where not focused slides in the editor with more layers than current editing slide may loose their zindex on layers after saving the full module
  • TypeWriter AddOn fixes version 2.0.3:
    • Added support for inline style on span tags
    • Added option to change the cursor color
  • Fixed a bug where action triggered loop animations did not start the animation. Also fixed loop animated elements which jumped to loop animation frame 0 during the slide out animation
  • Fixed issues with row/column heights where images that were added with padding into the first column, and the height of the image may negatively influence the calculation of the module height on slide swap
  • Fixed horizontal and vertical slide transition issues
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Changelog: Slider Revolution - Version 6.2.12 (6th June 2020)


  • Fixed a bug that leads to broken post based sliders

Version 6.2.11 (6th June 2020)

New Features

  • Added an option to ignore mobile browser height changes based on scrolls. The urlbar and toolbar do disappear based on scroll, which would resize the fullscreen sliders. Set per module if you wish to ignore these behaviour of the mobile browser. This option is enabled by default

  • Video poster will show up if video has not started and the video has been resetted (just like coming from another slide) even if "Show Poster on Pause" is not selected
  • Video timeline now can be dragged even if "Show Poster on Pause" is selected, which is showing up with delay in this case if needed
  • Video click will now honor original clicks and start/play videos correctly
  • Fixed HTML5 video fullscreen playback on IE11
  • Fixed JavasScript error if an Essential Grid exists on the page and the Slider tries to recall Essential Grid's refreshing method
  • Fixed an issue where the loading of modules with ajax, removing them (with or without revkill method) and readding them to a later point in time did not start the modules correctly
  • Fixed an issue where the excerpt limit for WooCommerce was not correct
  • Fixed an issue where the alt for slide images was not written if it was empty
  • Fixed an issue where AddOn downloads showed up as success and after reload the AddOn is not installed
  • Fixed an issue not displaying photos from a Facebook albums
  • Fixed a bug where static layers with custom animations may do not appear in certain situations
  • Panorama Addon 2.1.2: Added support for external images
Changelog: Slider Revolution - Version 6.2.10 (28th May 2020)


  • Fixed an issue with a tag links not being able to be clicked in carousels in some cases
  • Fixed undefined JavaScript error in the thumbnail position calculation in case thumbnails were loaded with delay on stage
  • Fixed JavaScript error if the progressbar stopped due to a mouse event before the progressbar has been created. This issue occured in very rare situations only
  • Fixed a lazy loading issue where relative paths created by 3rd party plugins could not be compared with loaded filepaths in some very odd cases
  • Fixed mobile fallback on background images issue
  • Before After 2.0.7: Fixed a bug where the divider drop shadow wasn't getting a correct color
  • PaintBrush 2.1.8: Optimized rendering for FireFox
  • Particles Effects 2.2.3: Reduced the sensitivity of the particle reduction calculation
  • Particles Effects 2.2.3: Are now slowly removed over period of 5 seconds instead of removing them suddenly
  • Fixed an issue where toggled layers become visible and may overlay hoverable areas on underlaying modules before they started at all
Download Slider Revolution v6.2.6 - Wordpress Plugin

Changelog: Slider Revolution - Version 6.2.6 (9th May 2020)

  • Fixed an annoying bug with scroll issues in the backend, where sometimes right toolbar got stuck after selecting layers, changing background types etc.
  • Conflicts between themes and the Slider Revolution Plugin based on the GSAP library has been resolved
  • Hover on elements were not working well in some situations if the mouse pointer was already hovering an element during the in animation.
  • Particle Effects 2.2.1: Grab mouse interactivity failed with an JavaScript error
  • FilmStrip 2.0.3: Fixed a bug where the filmstrip animation was getting slower after a while.
  • FilmStrip 2.0.3: Already animating elements were still animating in the background due to a syntax error. This has been fixed now.
Download Slider Revolution v6.2.5 - Wordpress Plugin

Changelog: Slider Revolution Version 6.2.5 (7th May 2020)


  • Fullwidth carousels get cut off in some cases in themes and templates. Added a new calculation way to force fullwdith carousel sliders to overflow parent containers if needed
  • Added protection against double start of sliders during the initialisation process where in some very rare cases the process could break
  • Added a protection against double generated IDs for different auto created slide link layers
  • JavaScript error due to typo failure in middle arranged rows fixed
  • Imported or updated layer actions may fail if Toggle N/M is selected. The current fix will update the values and let you resave the slider with the correct values
  • Added new version for Tools to force Cached files to reload. In some cases Cache would not be rewritten after the plugin update.
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