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Download Slider Revolution v6.2.17 Responsive WordPress Plugin

Changelog Slider Revolution - Version 6.2.17 (17th July 2020)

New Features
  • Added new option: Start Background Video after the slide transition finished to avoid issues where the bg videos first few seconds were missing if the transition animated only the poster image
  • added two missing ; into JavaScript parts in output.class.php
  • Fixed Kenburns effects initial load issue where the background was getting a wrong height
  • Fixed the background video flash effect at the first start of the video
  • Added support for slider exported on Safari where after re-compressing, the slider wasn't getting imported properly
  • Bubbledmorph: Fixed converted sizes order (mobile was getting the wrong size)
  • Throttled scroll event listener to improve performance
  • Fixed a bug where modules could not be initialised if they opened delayed via a custom scripts or were loaded per ajax not using internal functions.
  • Fixed Toggled Text styling issues, where the whitespace settings were not written onto the toggled content, but only on idle content
  • Fixed instagram, taking the videos even if the slide is set to transparent
  • Changed HTML5 video in animation to avoid flickering when the poster and video crossfades
  • Fixed slide based align issues in default WordPress themes where the parent container size calculation may not deliver the right dimensions
  • Fixed optimizer JavaScript error if it was called from the Module Overview page and AddOns are in use but not loaded yet
Download Slider Revolution v6.2.15 - Wordpress Plugin

Changelog: Slider Revolution - Version 6.2.15 (26th June 2020)

New Features

  • Added the layer upscaling option module wide for fullwidth sliders which will open new design directions for % scaled elements i.e (See our Charity Map Template functionality)
  • Added align by option for the progress bar which can now be aligned by grid and module


  • Position information will be hidden by dragging elements within columns or out of the columns to hide unneeded undefined parameters
  • Added protection against infinity loops in the overview page in case folders were somehow pointing into each other creating recursive traps
  • Fixed a bug where text and button layers with placholders did not refresh the visibility after editing their real content in the editor
  • Fixed a bug where video streams would not work properly
  • Fixed Instagram Stream functionality
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Download Slider Revolution Plugin Wordpress

Changelog: Slider Revolution - Version 6.2.14 (20th June 2020)


  • Fixed a bug where JavaScript based simple links doubles the output and brakes the link process. This was an earlier fix for the action "CallBack" where ":" chars did brake the callback function. Both bugs are fixed now
Version 6.2.13 (20th June 2020)

New Features

  • Added further warnings in editor in case of a conflict with themes/plugins and server accessability
  • Fixed a bug where WPML slides of a slider would not be duplicated
  • Fixed issue with ":" special chars in call back actions
  • Fixed an issue where opening a modal with slide "x" multiple times was breaking the opening process
  • Fixed an odd zIndex issue where not focused slides in the editor with more layers than current editing slide may loose their zindex on layers after saving the full module
  • TypeWriter AddOn fixes version 2.0.3:
    • Added support for inline style on span tags
    • Added option to change the cursor color
  • Fixed a bug where action triggered loop animations did not start the animation. Also fixed loop animated elements which jumped to loop animation frame 0 during the slide out animation
  • Fixed issues with row/column heights where images that were added with padding into the first column, and the height of the image may negatively influence the calculation of the module height on slide swap
  • Fixed horizontal and vertical slide transition issues
Download Revolution Slider Wordpress Plugin

Changelog: Slider Revolution - Version 6.2.12 (6th June 2020)


  • Fixed a bug that leads to broken post based sliders

Version 6.2.11 (6th June 2020)

New Features

  • Added an option to ignore mobile browser height changes based on scrolls. The urlbar and toolbar do disappear based on scroll, which would resize the fullscreen sliders. Set per module if you wish to ignore these behaviour of the mobile browser. This option is enabled by default

  • Video poster will show up if video has not started and the video has been resetted (just like coming from another slide) even if "Show Poster on Pause" is not selected
  • Video timeline now can be dragged even if "Show Poster on Pause" is selected, which is showing up with delay in this case if needed
  • Video click will now honor original clicks and start/play videos correctly
  • Fixed HTML5 video fullscreen playback on IE11
  • Fixed JavasScript error if an Essential Grid exists on the page and the Slider tries to recall Essential Grid's refreshing method
  • Fixed an issue where the loading of modules with ajax, removing them (with or without revkill method) and readding them to a later point in time did not start the modules correctly
  • Fixed an issue where the excerpt limit for WooCommerce was not correct
  • Fixed an issue where the alt for slide images was not written if it was empty
  • Fixed an issue where AddOn downloads showed up as success and after reload the AddOn is not installed
  • Fixed an issue not displaying photos from a Facebook albums
  • Fixed a bug where static layers with custom animations may do not appear in certain situations
  • Panorama Addon 2.1.2: Added support for external images
Changelog: Slider Revolution - Version 6.2.10 (28th May 2020)


  • Fixed an issue with a tag links not being able to be clicked in carousels in some cases
  • Fixed undefined JavaScript error in the thumbnail position calculation in case thumbnails were loaded with delay on stage
  • Fixed JavaScript error if the progressbar stopped due to a mouse event before the progressbar has been created. This issue occured in very rare situations only
  • Fixed a lazy loading issue where relative paths created by 3rd party plugins could not be compared with loaded filepaths in some very odd cases
  • Fixed mobile fallback on background images issue
  • Before After 2.0.7: Fixed a bug where the divider drop shadow wasn't getting a correct color
  • PaintBrush 2.1.8: Optimized rendering for FireFox
  • Particles Effects 2.2.3: Reduced the sensitivity of the particle reduction calculation
  • Particles Effects 2.2.3: Are now slowly removed over period of 5 seconds instead of removing them suddenly
  • Fixed an issue where toggled layers become visible and may overlay hoverable areas on underlaying modules before they started at all
Download Slider Revolution v6.2.6 - Wordpress Plugin

Changelog: Slider Revolution - Version 6.2.6 (9th May 2020)

  • Fixed an annoying bug with scroll issues in the backend, where sometimes right toolbar got stuck after selecting layers, changing background types etc.
  • Conflicts between themes and the Slider Revolution Plugin based on the GSAP library has been resolved
  • Hover on elements were not working well in some situations if the mouse pointer was already hovering an element during the in animation.
  • Particle Effects 2.2.1: Grab mouse interactivity failed with an JavaScript error
  • FilmStrip 2.0.3: Fixed a bug where the filmstrip animation was getting slower after a while.
  • FilmStrip 2.0.3: Already animating elements were still animating in the background due to a syntax error. This has been fixed now.
Download Slider Revolution v6.2.5 - Wordpress Plugin

Changelog: Slider Revolution Version 6.2.5 (7th May 2020)


  • Fullwidth carousels get cut off in some cases in themes and templates. Added a new calculation way to force fullwdith carousel sliders to overflow parent containers if needed
  • Added protection against double start of sliders during the initialisation process where in some very rare cases the process could break
  • Added a protection against double generated IDs for different auto created slide link layers
  • JavaScript error due to typo failure in middle arranged rows fixed
  • Imported or updated layer actions may fail if Toggle N/M is selected. The current fix will update the values and let you resave the slider with the correct values
  • Added new version for Tools to force Cached files to reload. In some cases Cache would not be rewritten after the plugin update.
Download Slider Revolution v6.1.6 - Wordpress Slider Builder Plugin Download

Changelog: Slider Revolution -
Version 6.1.6 (10th January 2020)

New Features
  • Added color skins to define global colors for different color attributes through any kind of element. I.e. create a color group for highlight colors and then attach them to the font-color, border-color, navigation elements, slide backgrounds, shape colors and so on. This is the best way to edit templates very quick and simple.
  • Carousel offset values can scale now also linear to slide scales to allow different horizontal carousel animations based on scale, horizontal offset and this new option
  • Added retina canvas support for the Paintbrush AddOn. The Paintbrush AddOn version 2.1.3 is required
  • Added global option to modify the Slider Revolution backend language manually (no need to change the whole WordPress backend language)
  • Carousel slides will load on demand with lazy loading if lazy loading is set to single/smart. The amount of loaded elements depend on the amount of visible slides set in the carousel settings.
  • Added auto width slides for the carousel mode (justified) Option.
  • Added sticky mode for the carousel layout
  • Added permanent visible individual layers, to extend the "visible all" layers feature in the carousel mode. This gives you more freedom as for which layers should always be visible and which should only be visible on slide focus
  • Added an force overflow hidden option for the carousel mode which can be very useful in the new justified carousel mode
  • Added new option to hide hover functionality on layers if the Slider is loaded on mobile.
  • Added Page Template "Slider Revolution Blank Page" for Posts too
  • Added Background Color Page option for Slider Revolution Blank Page Template
  • Added Block Settings (PopUp, Spacing, zIndex etc) for Gutenberg, WP Bakery Page Builder and Elementor
  • Updated google fonts
  • Updated the preview function to show a more realistic preview in the backend using desktop mode
  • Updated the carousel engine for a better performance and smoother animations
  • Added throw phyiscs to the carousel engine
  • Changed the internal packaging process, to always pack WordPress plugins with file permssions 755 (for folders) and 644 (for files), to conform the WordPress standards
  • Added a workaround for a Safari bug where image layer animations shift when the opacity is below 1 at start
  • Essential Grid will now be parsed in layer. On start animation, Essential Grid will call the redraw option
  • Static layer editor will now honor the last edited slide and will resize and reposition none editable elements for better orientation in the static slide editing
  • Warning added on background filters to inform about incompatible filters on videos for the Edge and Internet Explorer Browsers
  • Videos in the editor can now have "auto" height and "%" width independent if they are positioned in columns, groups or on the stage directly
  • Fixed a bug where the usage of {{featured_image_url_*}} parameters for post based and Instagram sliders did not work properly
  • Fixed a bug where layers from the layer library could not be imported
  • Fixed a bug where the a slide would be visible on mobile even if the setting was set that it should not be visible
  • Fixed a bug where updating from an old version of Slider Revolution could change the animations in rare cases, so that the slider editor can not be loaded
  • Fixed tons of small glitches in the carousel rendering. Fixed swipe failures and missing elements on the left/right side. Fixed rotation and scale issues if the varying option was set to true
  • The slider editor will now also save published/unpublished slides even if no other setting was changed on those slides
  • Fixed scroll effects on mobile devices
  • The dropzone will now only be shown to real dragged files in the editor
  • Fixed minHeight issue on fullwidth sliders. From now on it will ignore unused values set by auto layout
  • The Toggle state of playing/pausing a slider will not jump anymore between forward and backward when the slide is changing.
  • Fixed box-shadow issue in FireFox by removing the filter rest blur(0px) on some elements
  • Fixed a bug where Vimeo Autoplay on iOS was not working well on the 2nd and further Loops
  • Bubble Morph bug fixed where linear resized small containers used to shake on mobile devices. Bubble Morph 2.0.3 is required
  • Fixed a bug where an empty Slider Revolution block opens the template library on page/post editor loading
  • Fixed the smart loading feature, which will now load the previous/next slide content when the slide is focused
  • Fixed a bug where the optimizer stopped working in the page editor in case the module included any AddOns
  • Fixed inline style issues on layers when the slide link was added at the end of the slide container
  • Fixed a bug where looped media could not be saved. After 1 reload and resave the video lost its looped state
  • Fixed a bug where inline styled colors in splitted text (chars, lines, words) were not respected
  • TypWriter multiple line editing bug fixed. TypeWriter version 2.0.2 required
  • Fixed device pixel ratio issue on retina displays. The Paintbrush AddOn version 2.1.3 is required
  • Fixed an issue where none of the YouTube playlist listitems was selected after the playlist updates
  • Fixed click mouseenter and mouseleave actions on layers in combination with navigation show/hide, slider focus/blur events
  • Before After AddOn split initialisation will respect all screensizes now, instead of jumping 50% on smaller screens. The Before After AddOn 2.0.3 is required
  • Fixed Slicey AddOn compatibility with the Type Writer AddOn. Slicey 2.0.1 AddOn required
  • Fixed Google Font loading issue if the global option for preload was selected
Download Slider Revolution v6.1.5 - Wordpress Slider Builder Plugin With Addons Updated

Changelog: Slider Revolution -Version 6.1.5 (14th November 2019)

New Features

  • The import process now checks for image duplication not only in the same folder but in the whole WordPress installation
  • The gutenberg block opens the module library now directly when added
  • Removed unwanted "rated" text from WooCommerce product star rating
  • Fixed scrollbar issues in the editor and overview pages
  • Fixed an issue with line heights in some rare cases where i.e. Safari was ignoring the responsive children sizes
  • Fixed drop zone issues in the overview and editor mode where dragging files from desktop over the browser was not always working well
Download Slider Revolution v6.1.4 - Wordpress Slider Builder Plugin With Addons Updated

Changelog: Slider Revolution - Version 6.1.4 (9th November 2019)

New Features

  • Moving layers in animation mode will move the layers x/y transform value in the selected frame. This will allow to fine tune the animation positions of layers
  • Drag and drop images and or videos to the editor to create layers on demand to shorten the required steps to create image/video layers
  • German and French translation added
  • Added a link help option to slide and action links, to help auto selection of http and https protocols for links
  • Added a file and media optimizer feature, available on pages/posts, overview and Slider Editor mode to optimize embeded media files and to get a general overview about loaded filesizes
  • Updated google font list
  • Removed unneeded font stylings from img layers
  • The slide links and layer action links http/https auto adjustment behavior can now be changed as an own option
  • Optimized the output to ignore the font style based settings on unrelated layers
  • Updated some output details if something goes wrong for better understanding
  • Optimized the snap and guideline settings to simplify the usage. If it is enabled, it will always show guidelines and will always snap to them.
  • Changed the values for carousel opacity, rotation and scale. some of the values were not working properly, some of the values were the other way around.
  • Fixed a bug where the slider timer was still processing after a slide change. Even pause on hover was activated
  • Adding folders into other folders were not respecting the parent folder strucutre in the editor overview
  • Fixed svg's at the layer import process to point to the correct path
  • Fixed a preview slider bug where the order was not shown correctly
  • Fixed a preview slider bug where unpublished slides would be shown
  • Fixed a bug where custom animations where not transfered from v5 to v6. With this fix, missing v5 animations should now show up
  • Fixed timeline option not working for some Facebook pages
  • Fixed an issue where modal sliders did not show up when JavaScript was loading in footer
  • Fixed iOS9 bugs
  • Fixed double shown posters on YouTube background videos in Safari
  • Fixed WhiteBoard ghost pixels in Firefox by removing the rotation effect of the "Hand" for Firefox. WhiteBoard 2.1 required
  • Fixed an issue where 43+ layers exsits and the order of layers are equal to 6 + layer order. In this case it would fall back to the last order
  • Typo issue fixed in file wp-content\plugins\revslider\admin\revslider-admin.class.php
  • Fixed a bug where video or mp3 layers in the gobal layers would create an extra slide in the export file
  • Fixed an issue where entering the viewport would restart layer videos even if this already paused/stopped due to another process
  • Fixed looping issues in case the slider became hidden by exteral CSS/JavaScript code independet of the internal option hideSlideUnder
  • Fixed an issue where invisible layers should be visible when hovering list elements in the editor
  • Fixed a problem where auto played videos were not playing in carousel slider when all layers where shown at, once the option was selected and the slide change was processed
  • Fixed audio layer issues in the global layers (visible control buttons, muted audio, etc.)
  • Fixed videos that might be muted after import even if they should have sound on start
  • Fixed the export/import of svg files not working properly
  • Fixed exported zip files where they could not be imported again in certain circumstances
  • Changes on the new custom navigation could not be saved before reloading the page. This issue has been fixed now
  • Fixed placeholder feature for text and button layers to simplify the visible content on layers if needed
  • Solved navigation styling issues in the editor
  • Fixed loop effect animation issues with 0px dimensions
  • Fixed issue where slides of other WPML languages where not properly imported
  • Fixed issue where with WPML, language slides where not properly taken
  • Fixed carousel opacity, rotation, scale and vary opacity, vary rotation and vary scale options. You need to adjust the settings in some cases after this update!
  • Fixed overview problems where modules were not showing up under folders in some very rare cases.
  • Fixed an issue where adding bulk slides, importing slide(s) from templates or other modules did not save the slide content properly
  • Importing layers modals will not open anymore if the import slide process started and the module has only one slide
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