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The7 - Multi-Purpose Website Building Toolkit for WordPress

Wordpress The7 - Multi-Purpose Website Building Toolkit for WordPress 9.1.1

Download The7 v9.1.1 - Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Changelog The7
- Version 9.1.1 (Aug 11, 2020)

  1. Ensured WordPress 5.5 compatibility.
  2. Accessibility improvement: added filter for the "read more" button.
  3. Accessibility improvement: assigned the "role" to menu items.
  4. Accessibility improvement: search button is now accessible.
  5. Fixed: +/- buttons not working in the WooCommerce cart after clicking the "refresh cart" button.
  6. Fixed: WooCommerce cart pop-up is not scrollable.
  7. Fixed: impossible to hide cart popup on mobile devices.
  8. Fixed: WooCommerce dropdown filters don't work in the collapsable sidebar on mobile devices.
  9. Fixed: Stripe card icons are missing in the WooCommerce checkout.
  10. Fixed: portfolio shortcode content is aligned to the left when center alignment is chosen.
  11. Fixed: issues with CF7 notices styling after plugin update.
  12. Fixed: issues with Side menu open/close button with certain theme options combination.
  13. Fixed: Elementor Carousel Widgets does not allow to display the full post text.
    Other minor improvements and fixes.
Download The7 v9.1.0 - Wordpress Theme

Changelog The7 - Version 9.1.0 (Jul 16, 2020)

  1. New: "Vertical Menu" Elementor Widget.
  2. New: "Hide in mobile layout" option added to The7 sidebars in Elementor.
  3. Improved: "Top line" header; "Transparent logo" setting added to the Theme Options > Branding.
  4. Improved: "lazy loading" and "image source inlining" options added to the Elementor Image widget.
  5. Fixed: if there are two "Media Masonry & Grid" elements on a page, the 2nd one picks up the number of columns from the 1st one.
  6. Fixed: blue highlight appears on the next level button in the mobile menu on the mobile Chome.
  7. Fixed: text selection is not visible in The7 contact form in FireFox.
  8. Fixed: blog posts widget; if prev/next buttons are disabled, the "back" button is shifted to the left.
  9. Fixed: WooCommerce grouped product; quantity +/- button does not work.
  10. Fixed: Footer accent color is overwritten by the accent color from General Appearance.
    Minor accessibility improvements.
    Other minor improvements and fixes.
Download The7 v9.0.1.1 - Website Building Toolkit Wordpress Theme

Changelog The7
- Version (Jul 14, 2020)

  • System messages tweaks.
Download The7 v9.0.1 - Website Building Toolkit Wordpress Theme

Changelog The7 - Version 9.0.1 (Jun 25, 2020)

  • Fixed: issue with the wrong number of columns in Masonry & Grid Elementor
  • Fixed: issue with Slider Revolution not being activated upon "Hotel" demo import.
  • Fixed: issue with private post not being displayed even for logged in users.
  • Fixed: JS conflict with "admin-meta-box-magic.min.js" in WPBakery front-end editing mode.
Download The7 v9.0.0.2 - The7 Theme WordPress

Changelog: The7 - Version v9.0.0.2

  • Yet to be updated
v. (Jun 18, 2020)

  • PRO Elements deprecation message added.
v.9.0.0 (Jun 18, 2020)

  • New: Photo Scroller Elementor widget. Great for showcasing photos and other creative work.
  • New & improved: Masonry & Grid Elementor widget complete overhaul with a plethora of new settings.
  • New & improved: Theme Builder now works for Product pages. We have added 5 custom Product page widgets to match The7 aesthetics.
  • New & improved: numerous WooCommerce integration improvements (both in the front-end and under-the-hood).
  • New & improved: PRO features were integrated into The7 Elements plugin. PRO Elements plugin is now obsolete and can be safely removed after updating the theme and The7 Elements.
  • Improved: color settings were added to microwidgets in the floating header.
  • Improved: compatibility with various third-party plugins (MEC, RestoPress, WPML, etc.)
  • Fixed: the microwidgets area does not resize with certain theme options combination.
  • Fixed: Portfolio Justified Grid (WPB) not working in portfolio archive templates.
  • Fixed: issue with WPB Slideshow element breaking on orientation change event on mobile devices.
  • Fixed: issue with an incorrect image with caption alignment/interposition.
  • Minor improvements to the theme accessibility.
    Other minor improvements and under-the-hood changes.
Download The7 v8.7.2 - Multi-Purpose Wordpress Page Building Toolkit

Changelog: The7 - v8.7.2
  • Ensured compatibility with WooCommerce 4.1.
  • New demo: Fashion Blog
  • Improved: FontAwesome updated to v.5.13.0.
  • Improved: icon fonts version (where available) indication added to The > Icons Manager screen.
  • Improved: fields for Custom CSS and JavaScript were enlarged.
  • Improved accessibility: "title" and "alt" attributes added to the lightbox buttons.
  • Fixed: multiple WooCommerce lists with different pagination modes on the same page break each other.
  • Fixed: "pullquote" element affects adjacent elements.
  • Fixed: minor typographic issues in The7 Elementor widgets on mobile devices.
  • Fixed: The7 Elementor widgets styling issues on archive pages.
Download The7 v8.2.1.1 - Multi-Purpose Wordpress Page Building Toolkit Updated

Changelog: The7 - v8.2.1.1

  • Minor Changes & Bug Fixes
Download The7 v8.2.1 - Multi-Purpose Wordpress Page Building Toolkit Updated

Changelog: The7 - v.8.2.1 (Feb 10, 2020)
  • New demo: Clothing Store (WooCommerce). Check it out here: https://the7.io/clothing/
  • Fixed: microwidgets not showing up if a text field is empty.
  • Fixed: issue in portfolio shortcode with "custom link" showing up even if it is being disabled.
  • Fixed: missing field "item" in breadcrumbs.
  • Fixed: issue in Team Masonry & Grid shortcode with border color.
  • Fixed: issue with empty space showing up above the sidebar, when the browser width is equal to the mobile breakpoint value.
  • Updated: ru_RU lang file.
  • Updated: fr_FR lang file.
  • Other minor improvements and fixes.
Download The7 v8.2.0 - Multi-Purpose Wordpress Page Building Toolkit Updated

Changelog: The7 - Version v8.2.0
  • Minor Changes & Bug Fixes
Download The7 v8.1.1.1 - Multi-Purpose Wordpress Page Building Toolkit Updated

Changelog: The7 - Version (Jan 23, 2020)

1. Fixed: "data-vocabulary.org schema deprecated" warning.
2. Improved: additional Elementor settings are included in demo content.

v.8.1.1 (Jan 17, 2020)

1. Improved: opacity option added to social icons microwidget.
2. Fixed: issue with the theme downgrading Slider Revolution to v.5 on plugin update.
3. Fixed: issue with hovers in microwidgets.
4. Fixed: issue with styles of microwidgets in mobile layouts.
Other minor improvements and under the hood changes.
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