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userTrack - Private Analytics with Mouse Heatmaps and Full Visitor Recording CodeCanyon 2.4.0

userTrack - Private Analytics with Mouse Heatmaps and
Full Visitor Recording
With classic analytics software you can find out that user X went from page A to page B and then left. Have you ever wondered what users actually do on your pages? How they move the cursor (note that in 80% of the time the user’s eyes follow the cursor), when they click a button, how they interact with your JavaScript widgets, what part of your website draws the most attention, etc.. userTrack does exactly that!


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userTrack 2.4.0 (12 March 2019)


  • IP labels. You can now click an IP address in the clients list to assign a label to it.

  • Database usage. The size (in MB) that all the userTrack tables are using is now shown in the admin dashboard.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed an issue causing form elements with a dash in their name not to be tracked properly.
  • The CensorIP setting is now permanently stored in the tracking file instead of locally in localStorage. This means that the setting value will persist even if you clear cookies or access the dashboard from a different device.
  • Fixed permissions for deleting recordings. Now demo accounts (level 0 access) no longer have access to delete recordings.
Other changes:
  • Remove text saying jQuery has to be included before the tracker, as it is no longer required.
  • Improved image quality of dashboard site thumbnails and also fixed the thumbnail aspect ratio (images were squashed before).
  • Record user mouse interactions on your website.
  • You can view click heatmaps, mouse movement heatmaps, scroll heatmaps, statistics or even full recordings of user activity on your website.
  • The script tracks user movements using JavaScript, sends the info to the server and processes it using PHP and stores all data in a MySQL database.
The script is continuously updated based on feedback and bug reports.

  • PHP (pdo_mysql extension enabled) and MySQL access on the server
  • jQuery
  • HTML5 doctype
  • Google Chrome browser is required for accessing the userTrack dashboard.
  • Large monitor resolution is preferred for improved experience (1080p)
  • Note that the script doesn’t record interactions on iframes because those interactions are not sent to the current document by the Browser due to security reasosns
  • The script is not suitable for highly-trafficked websites. Companies who offer heatmaps have a cloud network to store and process all this data and require a monthly fee based on how much you use. userTrack works even on a shared hosting, but having more then 2-3 thousand recordings may slow down the script. It is recommended to remove all old recordings once in a while.
  • If a user has to log-in in order to access a specific area of the website you will not be able to view recordings on that area as long as you are not logged in as well. Also, if you are logged in as a different user you may see their actions done on your user panel.

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