Download WP Rocket v3.7.3 - Wordpress Plugin

Changelog: WP Rocket v3.7.3 October 05, 2020

  • New: A direct access to license upgrade choices is now available from the WP Rocket settings dashboard, in the my account section (#3067)
  • Enhancement: Add to the list of external files to exclude from Safe mode for jQuery (#2859)
  • Enhancement: Add additional exclusions from local cache & minify for external scripts (Mailerlite #3144, #3184)
  • Enhancement: Add additional query strings to ignore when serving the cache. All values of these query strings will be served the same cache (Google Ads #3163, Matomo & Piwik Pro #3188, ShareASale #3189)
  • Enhancement: Add additional inline JS exclusions from combine JS (#3183)
  • Enhancement: Add additional exclusions from defer JS (#3181)
  • Bugfix: Update delay JS code to be compatible with IE11 (#3140)
  • Bugfix: Prevent our delay JS & preload links javascript from being added more than once if wp_enqueue_scripts is called multiple times on a page (#3125)
Download WP Rocket v3.7.2 Wordpress Plugin

Changelog: WP Rocket v3.7.2 September 30, 2020

  • 3rd party compatibility: Automatic compatibility with DreamPress hosting (#2789)
  • Enhancement: Add additional auto-exclusion from defer JS and combine JS to prevent issues
  • Enhancement: Add index file inside WP Rocket generated directories to prevent direct access to them (#3057)
  • Bugfix: Update trustpilot pattern for delay JS to prevent JS errors (#3080)
  • Bugfix: Remove Google recaptcha from delay JS default list (#3075)
  • Bugfix: Added pixel caffeine JS script to delay JS default list to prevent JS errors (#3088)
  • Bugfix: Update preload links configuration to prevent an issue when WordPress is installed in a sub-directory (#3071)
Download WP Rocket v3.7 Wordpress Plugin

Changelog: WPRocket Version 3.7 - August 27, 2020

  • New feature: Delay JavaScript execution - Improves performance by delaying the loading of JavaScript files until user interaction (e.g. scroll, click)
  • New feature: Preload Links - Prefetch pages before the user clicks on a link to improve perceived loading speed & user experience
  • Enhancement: Host locally & minify 3rd party CSS & JS files when minify CSS/JS option are enabled
  • Enhancement: Automatically add font-display:swap to CSS files containing a font-face to improve rendering time
  • Enhancement: Combine 3rd party CSS files into the combined CSS files when combine CSS is enabled
  • Enhancement: The Optimize Google Fonts option is now automatically enabled & applied
  • Enhancement: Protect our code from conflicts with other plugins using the same libraries as WP Rocket
  • Enhancement: Troubleshoot issues with a dedicated query string to bypass WP Rocket
  • Option removal: Remove the minify HTML option, as its impact on loading time and file size is negligible
  • Bugfix: Prevent PHP notice related to an undefined variable $home_root_length
  • Bugfix: Prevent a PHP fatal error when using Optimize Google Fonts in some cases
Download WP Rocket v3.6.4 Wordpress Plugin

Changelog: WP Rocket - 3.6.4 August 18, 2020

  • 3rd party compatibility: Prevent PHP fatal error following WooCommerce 4.4 update (#3003)
  • Bugfix: Prevent PHP notices related to the REST API since WordPress 5.5 (#2985)
3.6.3 August 3, 2020
  • Enhancement: Allow using wildcards in the Always Purge URL(s) field in WP Rocket settings (#1523)
  • Enhancement: Completely remove usage of glob() function in our codebase. It will make it work correctly on some hostings where it was not the case before (#146)
  • Bugfix: Prevent a delayed FOUC issue in some cases when using Optimize CSS Delivery and Firefox (#2828)
  • Bugfix: Correctly replace Google Analytics/Google Tag Manager scripts when using relative protocol or async tag (#1315)
  • Bugfix: Prevent broken display when using HTML minification & the page contains IE conditionals markers (#2914)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Prevent a PHP fatal error when using our varnish custom ip helper plugin on O2Switch with PHP 7.1+ (#2640)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Correctly clear Savvii cache when clearing WP Rocket cache on Savvii hosting (#1075)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Don’t write the advanced-cache.php file on WPEngine (#2855)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Add automatic compatibility with plans allowing plugins installation (Approval from pending) (#2814)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Disable the Replace Youtube iframe with preview image when using Divi or child theme (#1803)
Download WP Rocket v3.6.2.1 Wordpress Plugin

Changelog: WP Rocket - Version (July 21, 2020)

  • Regression fix: Revert the update to the method to load CSS files asynchronously with the Optimize CSS Delivery option, because of issues created by the use of the DOMDocument library.
  • Regression fix: Prevent a fatal error when using lazyload on images whose HTML includes special characters used in regular expressions.
Download WP Rocket v3.6.2 - WP Rocket Wordpress Plugin

Changelog: WP Rocket - Version 3.6.2 (July 8, 2020)

  • Enhancement: Update the method to load CSS files asynchronously with the Optimize CSS Delivery option. The plugin now uses the media="print" technique in addition to preload for better performance and compatiblity (#2658)
  • Enhancement: Prevent adding the WP_CACHE constant to wp-config.php if it’s already defined to true somewhere else. Introduce the filter rocket_set_wp_cache_constant to completely prevent WP Rocket from writing in wp-config.php (#2502)
  • Enhancement: Add tags for lazyloaded elements (#2704)
  • Enhancement: Add additional exclusions from combine JavaScript & defer JavaScript (#2833, #2843, #2731)
  • Enhancement Remove instances of the terms blacklist, whitelist from our codebase (#2782)
  • Bugfix: Prevent some issues with Firefox when using the Optimize CSS Delivery option (#2826, #2828)
  • Bugfix: Prevent duplicate IDs error in HTML validator when using the Optimize CSS Delivery option (#2059)
  • Bugfix: Prevent issue with lazyload for background images when the image URL is wrapped in escaped quotes (#2822)
  • Bugfix: Prevent some issues with lazyload when adding the rocket-lazyload class if the class attribute is empty or the HTML is malformed (#2705, #2706)
  • Bugfix: Prevent missing icons on the WP Rocket settings page in some specific instances (#2723)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Automatic compatibility with SpinUpWP hosting (#1678)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Disable the automatic Varnish purge on Cloudways when Varnish is deactivated for the website (#2668)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Automatically exclude the PDF Embedder plugin JavaScript files from combination (#2242)
Download WP Rocket Wordpress Plugin

Changelog: WP Rocket - Version 3.6.1 (June 25, 2020)

  • Enhancement: Clear the post cache automatically when Specific CPCSS is generated or deleted
  • Enhancement: Prevent a 500 error on WP Rocket activation when the opening comment tag is on the same line as the opening php tag
  • Enhancement: Load external Wistia JavaScript only once on WP Rocket settings page
  • Enhancement: Remove duplicated admin notice about advanced-cache.php
  • Enhancement: Automatically exclude anything under the /feed/ path, instead of excluding only the parent path
  • Enhancement: Automatically exclude externally hosted jQuery from defer JavaScript when defer safe mode + combine JavaScript files are active
  • Enhancement: Don't write in the .htaccess file on WPEngine
  • Bugfix: Correctly clear the whole hierarchy of a term when a post belonging to them is updated
  • Bugfix: Correctly delete all files from dates archives cache when a related post is updated
  • Bugfix: Correctly remove lazyload CSS and JavaScript files on search pages
  • 3rd party compatibility: Correctly remove inline CSS for lazyLoad on pages generated by AMP plugin
Download WP Rocket v3.6.0.1 - Wordpress Plugin

Changelog: WP Rocket - Version (June 10, 2020)

  • Bugfix: Prevent advanced-cache.php related notices to show up on WP Engine (#2745)
  • Bugfix: Prevent fatal error sometimes caused by licence-data.php removal during the upgrade process (#2749)
  • Bugfix: Prevent a JavaScript error when trying to remove the CPCSS from the page and the element doesn't exist (#2752)
Version - 3.6 (June 9, 2020)
  • New feature: Manually generate the critical path CSS for individual posts, pages & any custom post types, directly from the edit screen (#2377)
  • New feature: Generate critical path CSS for mobile version if the “separate cache for mobile devices” option is enabled (#2378)
  • New feature: Add a new option “preload for fonts” to add preload requests for your local fonts (#2543)
  • Enhancement: Create a pre-compressed gzip version of the CSS & JS minified files, which can be served directly to the browser instead of using dynamic compression (#2465)
  • Enhancement: Remove the critical path CSS from the page once it’s fully loaded to prevent display issues in certain cases (#2635)
  • Enhancement: Automatically regenerate the advanced-cache.php file when the plugin detects that the paths inside it are no longer correct (#1747)
  • Enhancement: Update the lazyload script to the latest version available (#2358)
  • Enhancement: Apply lazyload for background images on link & figure elements (#2570, #2660)
  • Enhancement: Rename “Optimize” button to “Save settings & Optimize” on the database optimization tab to better reflect the action (#2154)
  • Enhancement: Hide RocketCDN information & banners when the white label is enabled (#2566)
  • Bugfix: Correctly preload the cache after expiration when home URL doesn’t contain a trailing slash (#2665)
  • Option removal: Removed the “remove query strings” option as it doesn’t affect the loading time nor the page scores anymore (#2406)
Download WP Rocket v3.5.3 Wordpress Plugin

Changelog: WP Rocket - Version 3.5.3
  • Improvement: Rename "Combine Google Fonts" option to "Optimize Google Fonts" and update description, as this option does more than just combine now (#2429)
  • Improvement: Automatically add a preconnect request to when using the "Optimize Google Fonts" option to improve Google fonts loading time (#2473)
  • Improvement: Add compatibility with CDN URL containing a path, i.e. (#2278)
  • Bugfix: Prevent a PHP notice when using PHP 7.4 and Cloudflare flexible SSL (#2530)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Prevent nonces issues when using xtra theme and onesocial pop-up login (#2479)
  • 3rd party compatibility: Exclude new OptinMonster JS URL from combine JavaScript option (#2526)
Download WP Rocket v3.5 Wordpress Caching SEO Plugin Updated

Changelog: WP Rocket - Version 3.5

  • New feature: RocketCDN. Our brand-new CDN offering that is optimized for WordPress and ready for one-click integration.
  • New feature: Remove jQuery migrate. Helps improve loading time by removing the jQuery migrate script that is not needed if your theme and plugins are using the latest version of jQuery.
  • Enhancement: Preload the mobile version of the pages when the specific cache for mobile option is enabled.
  • Enhancement: Delete licence-data.php file after licence validation. Prevents license theft by anyone with access to FTP.
  • Enhancement: Varnish add-on rewrite & improvements.
  • Enhancement: Cloudflare add-on rewrite & improvements.
  • Enhancement: Stop clearing the whole cache on user creation/update/deletion. Now clear the user cache specifically on update/delete if the user cache option is enabled.
  • Enhancement: A custom path can now be defined for the WP Rocket config file.
  • Enhancement: Improve backend performance by removing unnecessary database queries.
  • Enhancement: Add data-skip-lazy and skip-lazy class to lazyload exclusions list as part of the interoperability initiative between lazyload plugins.
  • Fix: Prevent race condition on cache file when multiple servers share the same filesystem.
  • Fix: Correctly rewrite assets to CDN URL in critical path CSS when the CDN is active.
  • Fix: Add additional exclusions from critical path CSS generation.
  • Fix: Add additional exclusions from combine JavaScript.
  • Fix: CSS minification now correctly works with multiple calc().
  • Fix: Wrong final path when the original paths contains current directory indicator during CSS minification/cache busting.
  • Fix: Correctly add the rocket-lazyload class when the class attribute is empty on an element with a background image during lazyloading.
  • 3rd party compatibility: Disable lazyload from the lazyload feature plugin when our images lazyload is enabled.
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