5 Virtual Assistant Jobs For Beginners


Feb 27, 2019
5 Virtual Assistant Jobs For Beginners 2020
I am going to share our top 5 online home-based jobs with you that we can apply even for those who don't have the experience, Focusing on the top five online jobs that we can apply even for those without work-from-home experience, these are my top 5 lists.



I'm sure everyone is familiar with it, and anyone who uses the internet can do well with this, so number 1 is Web Research. What is Web research? Web research is also Internet research. It is using web resources based on your needs. For example, how to become a virtual assistant? You can search it on Google, and those resources can provide all the information that you need.

Most clients that hire web researchers may ask you to look for information such as competitor's information or potential clients. They will give you a list of data you need to obtain and other required things. Most of the time, your client may send you the information that he wants you to receive. Typically, information like website links, company name, phone numbers, email address, mailing address, and physical address, after which you sort out the files by using Google Sheets or Google spreadsheet.

Most clients nowadays are currently using Google sheets because they now use Google Drive, and then all you need to do is sort out the files and put it in a folder before submitting it to the client, and that's it. Also, always remember to be versatile.
If you were unable to find information on the web, you must never give up. Sometimes a client may ask you to edit a portion of his website, or he may have other website address or blog. And this is the story of a home-based job. There are times that your kids are calling your attention while you do your work. But anyway, if a client asks you to search for additional information, such as an email address, you may try searching it on Facebook. You can also search for details on Facebook's "About" page for other information that your client needs.

2. Data entry

So what is DATA ENTRY? Data entry or simply Data encoder,there are so many things to do but it is not so complicated. Normally, this job would require you to upload information that you've searched or most of the time it's already been provided by the client. Products like perfume, for example, your client may ask you to upload pictures of the product that he sent, put it on the website, followed by the product description, pricing and other details needed for each item. And just like that, you just need to maintain and update information for accuracy.

There are times that a client may send you images that you need to type or transfer to Google Docs. Based from my experience,
some of my clients are too busy to list down what they have discussed during their meeting so they would send files or images that you need to type and what they're going to do is to send the files and have it transferred to Google docs, sort it through folders before sending it back to the client for approval.


How does online tutor work? There are a lot of online tutorial companies that are hiring, and even undergraduates can also qualify to work as an online tutor. Of course, you must need to learn how to speak and understand English and it is the only thing required and you are good to go! Of course, some companies provide free training as far as I know.

All you have to do is to search the internet for other requirements that are needed for this job. And aside from English language,
some employers are also looking for a bilingual person who can speak 2 or more languages aside from English such as Japanese, Chinese, Korean language, even Spanish. This is also a plus if you know other languages other than English but if not, you can still check on how to apply for those types of online jobs. Also, an internet speed of up to 2 Mbps, a computer and a working headset is desirable for this job.

They may also require you to download Applications such as Skype or Go-to meeting. They will send you a list of things to get you prepared before you start. For other details on online tutoring, you can search it on Google.


Transcriptionist? What is that? A Transcriptionist's job is to simply transcribe audio or video files that a client may ask you to do. A sharp ear is needed for this job because you may be asked to transcribe files from an audio or video that has a different English accent or other languages. You just need to present it through Word document or Notepad and sort the files before sending it back to the client.

And then our top 5 and last from our list is Customer service. Am I thinking what you're thinking when we say Customer service?

As we know, most of us are doing customer service jobs at home. In customer service, you are going to make and receive calls. This job requires a quiet environment. Most clients are now looking for home-based customer service agents. There are also clients that are sensitive to noise while working at home and as much as possible, we should prevent noises like the sound of rooster or vehicles passing by; we can also achieve this by using a noise-canceling headset. It's a bit pricey but you may check it with your client if they're going to provide that or what accessories would work best while doing your job. You also have prepare yourself because most clients are based in the US, so you'll be working in different time zones.

It could be on the Eastern, or Pacific, or Central time. So you'll be working on the night shift, Expect that you'll be working
around 8 PM or 9 PM onwards. Schedules like 9 PM to 6 AM or could be earlier or much later than that. You may check it on the company that you chose to apply.


So if you think that there's one on my list that should not be included or if you have suggestions, you may comment on this page.

So far, these are the top five online jobs for us home-based moms that don't require work experience Although it is a plus if you have one. It could be an advantage for you if you are applying for an online job. You may do some research or self-study before you begin with your job applications. This is to give you an idea of what you need to learn when you apply online.
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