Days Gone Developer Bend Studio is Hosting a Livestream to Reveal Its New Logo


Jun 11, 2022
Unfortunate controversies have stirred around developer Bend Studio and the alleged success or failure of Days Gone. However that discourse happened some time ago, maybe the critical gathering to Days Gone, as well as Sony's view of its sales, has had some impact on the developer and what it would be slated to chip away at straightaway.

Rumors have since suggested that Bend could be dealing with a PS5-exclusive Men in Black game; further, a request for a Days Gone sequel reached a milestone of 150,000 signatures back in February and is presently at north of 170,000 signatures. The main official clarification has come from Hermen Hulst last year, stating that Bend's next game will be a new IP, however that leaves a ton of space for speculation still. Presently, while fans have been relatively in the dark with regard to what Bend's best course of action is as a developer, it appears as in the event that rebranding is in the works.

Bend has as of late shared on social media that it will be hosting a "special live stream" on Twitch to pay tribute to divulging its new studio logo. Rather, no news about a forthcoming game or other such information is teased. The reveal of a new logo in a livestream seems like a rather small announcement that could have potentially been dropped otherwise, yet Bend hosts livestreams each week, and thus it's a good idea to disclose it there. Bend may be rebranding structurally with a new logo being the first of many changes to the studio that fans can look forward to in tomorrow's livestream at 12 PM PT.

Either way, fans should treat their expectations for any ulterior motives behind its new logo reveal. Bend has as of late clarified that there will be no game announcement during the livestream and that it will simply be a chance for the developers to chat and share the new logo. This may come as a disappointment to some fans who are eager to hear about what Bend has really depend on since Days Gone. In any case, regardless of whether there is no new game announced or teased tomorrow, fans will ideally hear news about it in the near future when Bend's next title is to be sure ready to be shared.

Up to that point, assuming fans wish to hear more about the logo and maybe even hear the developers chat about its inspirations, they can tune into Bend's livestream tomorrow. Of course, on the off chance that Bend is ready to rebrand itself, a new game announcement may not be far off.

Contingent upon how far along it is, Bend's next game could have a chance to be shown at this week's Summer Game Fest kickoff, regardless of whether the show will primarily focus on previously announced games. Still, a new logo may not insinuate anything else about what the developer has been doing, and it may not have any implication of all inclusive rebranding after all.
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