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Feb 27, 2019
Complete Web Development Masterclass
Beginner To Advanced
Learn Complete Web development
Best Udemy Course
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Learn full stack web development with HTML5, CSS , Bootstrap 4, Javascript, ES6, VueJs, Node.Js, PostgreSQL & More
What you'll learn
  • Design stunning websites with HTML & CSS
  • Build your own portfolio site using HTML & CSS
  • Make mobile responsive websites using Bootstrap
  • Build a mobile responsive news portal
  • Make websites interactive using JavaScript
  • Design Front-End components using VueJs
  • Learn how to implement version control and collaborate on projects with Git & Github
  • Configure backend using Nodejs & Express JS
  • Design complex databases using Postgres
  • Make a full-stack database oriented medical inventory management web application from scratch.
Course content

Course Introduction

  • Introduction To The Course
Introduction To Web Development & Installing Required Tools
  • Introduction To Web Development

  • Installing Visual Studio Code On Windows

  • Installing Visual Studio Code On Mac
Getting Started With HTML5
  • Introduction To HTML

  • HTML Attributes

  • HTML Comments

  • HTML Lists

  • Using Images

  • HTML Forms
  • Introduction To CSS

  • Using CSS With HTML

  • CSS Selectors

  • CSS Color Values

  • CSS Margin & Padding

  • CSS Adding Background Image

  • CSS Icons

  • CSS Font Family, Stye & Size

  • Link States

  • Div & Span

  • CSS FlexBox

  • Making A CSS FlexBox

  • CSS Flex Grow & Shrink

  • CSS Flex Wrap
Making A Portfolio Site With HTML & CSS
  • Project Introduction

  • Creating The Top Menu

  • Adding an Image Banner

  • Skill Container

  • Adding Portfolio Items

  • Adding Client Testimonials
Bootstrap 4
  • Introduction To Bootstrap

  • Adding Bootstrap To Our Site

  • Bootstrap Grid System

  • Bootstrap Grid Classes Part 1

  • Bootstrap Grid Classes Part 2

  • Bootstrap Grid Column Offset

  • Making Images Responsive

  • Codeblocks

  • Tables

  • Bootstrap Buttons

  • Dropdowns

  • Input Fields

  • Jumbotron

  • Cards

  • Card Title & Links

  • Card With Images

  • Card List Groups

  • Card Header

  • Card Alignment

  • Card Image Overlays

  • Card colors

  • Card Groups & Decks

  • Bootstrap Nav Intro

  • Bootstrap Nav Alignment

  • Tabs & Pills

  • Breadcrumbs

  • Badges

  • Collapsible Navbar

  • Forms

  • Form Controls
Making A Mobile Responsive News Portal With Bootstrap 4
  • Building A News Portal In Bootstrap Part 1

  • Building A News Portal In Bootstrap Part 2

  • Building A News Portal In Bootstrap Part 3

  • Building A News Portal In Bootstrap Part 4

  • Building A News Portal In Bootstrap Part 5

  • Building A News Portal In Bootstrap Part 6

  • Building A News Portal In Bootstrap Part 7
  • Code Editors & IDEs

  • Hello World

  • Displaying Output

  • Variables

  • Operations

  • Case Sensitivity

  • JavaScript Coding Challenge 1

  • Javascript Coding Challenge 2

  • Data Types

  • Functions

  • Passing Parameters To Functions

  • Objects In JavaScript

  • Global & Local Variables

  • JavaScript Coding Challenge 3

  • JavaScript Coding Challenge 4

  • String Length

  • String Methods

  • Math Methods

  • Math Functions

  • Arrays

  • Array Methods

  • JavaScript Coding Challenge 5

  • JavaScript Coding Challenge 6

  • If Statements

  • Comparison Operators

  • JavaScript Coding Challenge 8

  • JavaScript Coding Challenge 9

  • Operators

  • For Loop

  • While Loop

  • JavaScript Coding Challenge 9

  • JavaScript Coding Challenge 10

  • Switch Case

  • Regular Expressions

  • JavaScript Coding Challenge 11

  • JavaScript Coding Challenge 12

  • Exception Handling

  • Hoisting

  • Coding Conventions

  • Best Practices

  • JavaScript Coding Challenge 13


  • DOM Methods

  • Accessing Elements By Tag Name

  • Changing Styling

  • DOM Events

  • DOM Event Listener

  • Intro To Nodes

  • Adding Nodes

  • JavaScript Coding Challenge 15

  • JavaScript Coding Challenge 16

  • Deleting Child

  • BOM Intro

  • Accessing URL Of Webpage
Javascript : Building A Simple Interest Calculator
  • Building A Simple Interest Calculator Part 1

  • Building A Simple Interest Calculator Part 2
JavaScript ES6
  • Intro to ES6

  • Let Keyword In ES6

  • Const Keyword In ES6

  • Default Parameter In ES6

  • Spread Operator In ES6

  • Template Strings

  • ES6 String Methods

  • ES6 Sets
Git & Github
  • Intro To Git

  • Installing Git On Windows

  • Installing Git On Mac

  • Configuring Username & Email

  • Creating A Git Repo

  • Git Commit

  • Adding New Files

  • Making Changes To The Files

  • Working With Actual Projects

  • Direct Commit

  • Git Checkout

  • Unstageing Files

  • Getting To Old Version

  • Introduction To Github & Creating A Github Repository

  • Making & Pushing Changes

  • Github: Collaborating
  • Intro To VueJS

  • Vue Instance

  • Vue Methods

  • Data Binding

  • Vue Events

  • Event Modifiers

  • Keyboard Events

  • Two Way Data Binding

  • Dynamic CSS Classes

  • Conditionals

  • Looping

  • Multiple Vue Instances

  • Vue Components

  • Vue Refs

  • Installing Vue CLI

  • Understanding Vue Files

  • Nesting Components

  • Styling Components

  • Registering Components

  • Props
  • Intro To NodeJs

  • Installing Node

  • Hey There Node!

  • Function Expressions

  • Modules

  • Multiple Modules

  • Event Emitter

  • Read & Write Files

  • Creating & Removing Directories

  • Creating Our Own Server

  • Readable Stream

  • Writable Stream

  • Serving HTML Pages

  • Sending JSON Data

  • Simple Routing

  • Node Package Manager

  • Package JSON File

  • Installing Nodemon

  • Introduction To Express

  • Route Params

  • Templating Engine

  • Passing Complex Data To Templates
  • Installing Postgres On Windows

  • Creating A Database

  • Creating Table

  • Inserting Data

  • Select Clause

  • Select Distinct Clause

  • Where Clause

  • True Or False

  • Operators Part 1

  • Operators Part 2

  • Updating Data

  • Deleting Data

  • Math Functions

  • Not Null Constrain

  • Unique Constrain

  • Primary Key Constrain

  • Serial Constrain

  • Default Constrain

  • Intro To Foreign Key Constrain

  • Foreign Key Example
Final Project: Building A Medical Inventory Management Application
  • Setting Up Project

  • Setting Up The Static FIles

  • Setting Up Templating Engine

  • Setting Up Database

  • Submitting Form Data

  • Connecting To Database

  • Adding Data

  • Implementing View Functionality

  • Implementing Delete Funtionality

  • Challenge

  • Implementing Edit Functionality Part 1

  • Implementing Edit Functionality Part 2

  • Making Our App Attractive

  • Designing The Collapsible Navigation Bar

  • Adding A Video Background To Index Page

  • Adding The Logo & Tagline

  • Creating Admin Dashboard Part 1

  • Creating Admin Dashboard Part 2

  • Creating Admin Dashboard Part 3
  • PC or a Mac with internet connection
  • No prior coding experience required

The Complete Web Development Masterclass: Beginner To Advanced

The most comprehensive yet precise course on web development to build web development skills.
If you aspire to become a professional web developer or if you want to get into the field of web development then this is the right course to start with.
This course is specially designed to build a skillset around all the modern web development technologies which are in-demand by tech companies in 2018.
Upon course completion, you will be able to build full-stack, mobile responsive, database oriented web applications.
Here Is What You Get By Enrolling In This Course:
Word-By-Word Explanation:
In the entire course, I explain each line of code, without skipping a single line of code.
Awesome Quality Content: 18 hours of HD Videos.
Well Structured & Easy To Learn: Course has been specially designed to make it easy for the students to learn HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap4, JavaScript,ES6 Git & Github, VueJs, NodeJs, PostgreSQL.
24 X 7 Support: I will always be there to guide you in your journey to become Python expert.
Note: Student queries and problems will be answered immediately.
Here Is Everything You Will Learn In This Complete Course:
The Complete Course is divided into 12 Major sections
Section 1:
Section 2: CSS.
Section 3: Building A Portfolio Site.
Section 4: Bootstrap 4.
Section 5: Building A News Portal.
Section 6: JavaScript.
Section 7: ES6.
Section 8: Git & Github.
Section 9: VueJs.
Section 10: NodeJs.
Section 11: PostgreSQL.
Section 12: Final Project:Medical Inventory Management Web App.
First we start off by learning the basics of Web Development and installing the required tools to write HTML5 code. In this section we cover almost all the HTML5 concepts and learn how to layout the structure of HTML elements on the webpage.
In the next section we learn the basics of CSS which will help us make our site look appealing. We will learn how we can add CSS to your existing HTML pages to make them more visually attractive. We will also learn about CSS flex box which will help us to make responsive layouts.
Now as we know HTML & CSS, its now time to build something from the skills we have acquired. In this section we will build a portfolio site with HTML & CSS which will list all your skills.
Moving along we now start learning Bootstrap 4, a CSS framework which enables us to build fully mobile responsive websites in no time. Bootstrap 4 will make your development speed 2X as faster as you no longer have to build components from scratch. Bootstrap has hundreds of built in components which we can use to build websites quickly and without any hassle. We will learn about the Bootstrap grid systemand learn how to make responsive layouts with it.
Once we master Bootstrap 4, its now time to build a fully mobile responsive news portal. In this section we will build a news portal which will work and look great on all of the devices like a computer, tablet and a smartphone. The best part about this news portal is that its completely built using Bootstrap and its components. Meaning we have not used a single line of CSS code to style the elements.
The next section is all about JavaScript which is the most popular language for front end web development. We will start off by learning the basics of how JavaScript can be used in the browser to make websites more interactive. We will learn data types, functions, global and local scope, loops, exceptions and all of the other basics related to javaScript. At the end of this section, we also build a simple interest calculator using JavaScript and Bootstrap.
Then we learn about ES6 or ECMAScript6 which is the latest version of JavaScript. We will learn some of the most relevant and new features of ES6 like the let and the const keywords.
We then move towards learning Git & Github which is one of the most popular tools amongst web developers across the globe. We will start by learning what is Git and how Git can be used for version control. We will learn about all the important commands required to work with Git all with a practical example. Later we start learning GitHub and learn how GitHub can be used to collaborate with teamswhile working on a project.
In the next section we learn about VueJS which is a progressive front end framework which helps us to build user interface components in an efficient way. VueJs is now being used by a lot of tech companies and is much easier to learn as compared to other similar frameworks like React. Many developers prefer VueJs over React because of its learning curve and the extensive documentation available online. In this section we will cover all the important aspects of VueJs.
Once we finish learning the front end technologies, its now time to start learning about the backend.
We now start learning about NodeJS which is a JavaScript runtime which allows us to run JavaScript on the server. NodeJS is extremely powerful and it allows us to configure server, connect to database, make queries and a lot more can be done using Node. In this section we will start learning Node right from the basics and we will build our very own server. We will also learn about the node package manager and learn how it can be used to install and use different node packages which are used to extend the functionality of our apps.
Now once we know how about Node, we now need a database to be able to store and manage our data at the backend. Hence we move on to learn about Postgres which is a database used and trusted by large software companies. We will learn about PostgreSQL which is a structured query language used to query the Postgres database. We will learn how to create our very own database from scratch and how to setup the structure to store and manage our data.
In the final section we apply everything we have learned in the entire course by building a fully functional medical inventory web application.
This will be a complex database oriented application which will store data into the Postgres database and allow us to insert, update, delete and modify medicine records from the front end. We will learn how to build a complete web app from scratch right from building the database, configuring our server to building the front end.
So let's begin the journey of becoming an expert Web Developer.
In addition to the Udemy 30-day money back guarantee,you have my personal guarantee that you will love what you learn in this course. If you ever have any questions please feel free to message me directly and I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible!
Make sure to enroll in the course before the price changes.

Who this course is for:
  • Beginners who want to get into web development
  • Want to create own web applications using advanced technologies like Vue & Node
  • Students who aspire to be a freelance web developer
  • Complete beginners who want to start programming
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