Here we are going to share some tricks to creating a diamond painting masterpiece


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Nov 1, 2022
Painting with diamonds is one of the fastest-growing trends in crafting, but what is diamond painting, exactly? Perhaps you have purchased or been given your very first diamond painting kit and you are wondering where to begin.

Remember the saying, “you learn something new every day?” Well that same saying applies in the world of diamond painting. Whether you are a diamond painting pro or just starting your first ever diamond painting there is always something new to learn. Here we are going to share some tricks of the trade that will assist you when creating a diamond painting masterpiece.

‘Kit Up’ Your New Canvases
“Kitting up” means that you’re going to take the individual stickers from the legend and place them on to your separate bead organizers. If peeling each sticker off seems too tedious for a short project, you can also use a marker to write on your bead boxes, but be aware that you won’t be able to remove this writing during the “kitting down” process.

Wax Pad, the Faithful Companion to the Applicator Tool
The wax pad included with every diamond painting kit is used in conjunction with the applicator tool. You dip the applicator tool in the pink wax, pick up a diamond with the waxed applicator tip, and place the diamond on the canvas.

Combat Static Cling With Static Guard Fabric Spray
If you are struggling with your diamonds sticking together grab a can or two of Static Guard fabric spray. Spray a little on your diamonds to prevent them from sticking. Dyer sheets also work well if you are not able to buy the fabric spray.

Label Each Diamond Bag
No empty egg cartons or storage containers? No problem. Sort your diamonds into the plastic Ziploc bags included in your kit. Use a marker to label each bag or slot with the corresponding number or symbol.

If you're looking to get crafty, but want a little guidance in the process, diamond painting might just be the project you're looking for. has a bunch of kits on sale right now, and we've rounded up a few best diamond painting kits that might be worth taking a look at.
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