How to Get .com/.net/.org Domain Free 2020 [Yahoo Small Business]


Feb 27, 2019

How to Get .com/.net/.org Domain Free [Yahoo Small Business]​



Step 1: Go to the above link and Enter the Details and pay via Paypal. Now clam your domain and so on.

Step 2 (Optional): Change your Paypal Email And your IP (Use a different device if you can).

I was able to redeem 3 domains with the same Paypal and the Same IP and the Same Device after that it was giving me an error.

Step 3: Now clear the cache and cookies( Better use Private Mode), Go to the same above link and go to payment but remember to use a different Email than the previous Account.

Step 4: Congrats The payment will be done just like Before.

(Just So You Know I redeemed like 6 Domains with this trick)

They might fix this glitch in the future!

This offer is valid till this Year's end ( 2020)

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