How to Get Every E-book you may need for free


Feb 27, 2019
How to Get Every E-book you may need for Free

Sharing a list of websites where you'll be able to find pretty much any e-book you may ever need.

Some of these sites also offer the possibility to choose the format for your e-book (.PDF, .EPUB, .MOBI, .AZW and so on

  • - Formerly known as Bookzz. Mirrors Libgen library with better navigation.
  • -- ( - Most popular ebook site and provides several mirrors to ebooks including torrents. Textbook focused. If you have any textbook or any other educational book to share, this is the place. For any book not available, make a request in the respective thread in the forums.
  • - Libgen mirror
  • - The Eye's extensive eBooks archive
  • - Focuses on programming textbooks
  • - Large ebook forum that contains a request subforum
  • - The Internet Archive's immense archive of ebooks.
  • - Open directory of Ebooks
  • - Open directory of Ebooks
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