How to Get UNLIMITED FREE trial of MOZ, SEMrush, Article Forge & More


Feb 27, 2019
How to Get UNLIMITED FREE trial of MOZ, SEMrush, Article Forge & More

The first thing we need is a real BIN number in this example we use 527253 or find working bin for it

go to 386 and enter your BIN number or
specify how many credit cards you want to generate as shown in the picture, The more you generate, the greater the chance of finding a card number that works.

now copy all the generated credit card numbers and go to 408 and insert all the numbers into the bin checker and press start, As shown in the picture, there are 2 cards out of 11 that work!

In this tutorial we will use the two credit cards to get Full Moz Pro Medium access for 30 days for free, go to 205 and hit “Try MOZ pro free” and fill out the form.

You can use 84 to fill in your name and address and create a temporary email that is not banned at MOZ, Use one of the 2 credit card numbers that worked to fill in your payment info.

Congratulations you now have 30 days free Full Moz Pro, and the best part is that you can do it over and over and over again.
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