How to Make Gmail Account Without Phone Number


Feb 27, 2019

How to Make Gmail Account Without Phone Number​

On Mobile : (Works 99% of the time)

  1. First, disconnect from your wifi and switch to 3G, 4G, or LTE
  2. Start a browser (Google Chrome recommended)
  3. Open a new incognito tab
  4. Go to, create an account.
  5. Enter a first and last name that exists.
  6. The Gmail email need to be named
  7. If it's already used add some random numbers at the end
  8. For the password, use a shitty pass like FIRSTNAME1998
  9. For the first try, you have to not type the correct password in the second textbox and click on submit
  10. The site will say "The password in the verification box is incorrect"
  11. You just have to click on see the password in clear and retype it on the verification textbox
  12. Click on submit and done! You made an account and google will not ask any SMS verification

Have fun with your new google account
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