How To Use bin ? How to make free accounts using BIN tutorial


Feb 27, 2019
1) What is Bin :

BIN - Bank identification Number,
which specifies the bank, and in most cases its first 6 digits of your Credit/Debit Card.

2) How to make credit cards from BIN?

Well there are scripts to make cards which performs different algorithm just like Banks to get the correct number that a credit/debit card must have.

3) Some bins says Direct Some says via Paypal

Yeah so there r many types u can make account with BIN i mean there r multiple types of bin
  • Direct Bins : Direct bins are the bins in which you have to just generate cards nd try those cards on mentioned site directly thts why it calls direct Bins and its easiest to use.

  • Bin Via Paypal : This is little harder than direct bin nd it requires little knowledge here so avoid this if u have never used paypal !! In this u have to obtain data for payment through Paypal so u have to make account on paypal nd than put those generated cards on paypal to link with them !!

First step in using Bins is to generate Credit cards..

Credit Card Generator :-

Open the site nd Just Paste The BIN(in the BIN box) and click on Generate Cards on The Site

I am telling you that there is no need to check for live cards, if the BIN is said to be working on Any Site then just Generate Cards!! No Need to Check lives ..
Must check if mentioned (in Netflix)
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