How to use Edit Cookies Chrome Extensions in Android Mobile


Feb 27, 2019
If you want to run cookies of Netflix, amazon prime, ahref etc paid premiums account in your android mobile Here is a way for you.

Many people do not know this that why I posting this simple way to do That

How to use Edit Cookies Chrome Extensions in Android Mobile

1. Go to play store. Download the Yandex Browser.​
2. Yandex browser is the same browser like chrome in android but chrome don't allow you to add extensions.This browser allowed you to add any google extensions.​
3. Now Go to this Edit cookies extensions through index browser and add it to your Yandex browser.​
Edit this cookie--
5. After adding this you can go to setting option whatever is that three dot. Find Extension then click on that.​
6. You find edit cookies in that click on that it​
7. Now you can import cokies of Netflix or other premiums account in it. After importing refresh the page you are login .​
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