Just Cause 5 Reportedly in Development


Jun 11, 2022
Earlier in the year, Square Enix struck a deal with the Embracer Group to sell a number of its western studios for $300 million. Franchises that had a long association with Square Enix including Tomb Raider and Deus Ex were included as part of the sale. In any case, the fate of some IPs remained uncertain, such as Just Cause.

Just Cause was one franchise where players were uncertain assuming that it had changed hands. The series was created by Avalanche Studios and started life on the PlayStation 2 and Xbox. Players take control of Rico Rodriguez in an open world, where the main goal is to cause havoc and liberate an island from an oppressive system no holds barred. Just Cause 4 was the latest section in the series, releasing across PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in 2018.

In the latest finish of-year financial report, Square Enix has assured shareholders that the Just Cause IP was retained after the sale of part of the business and that a new title is at present being created. The full statement from Yosuke Matsuda can be found below:

We want to focus on creating new titles that align with our strategy, including ones that leverage new IP. The JUST CAUSE franchise will remain our IP, and we are busy working developing a new title in the franchise.

As this information was disclosed at an investor level, there are no affirmed details. The news could be in relation to Just Cause Mobile which is expected this year on iOS and Android devices after suffering a delay because of COVID. The allowed to-play game is being created by a new team at Square Enix and takes the form of a top-down PVP shooter. Players contend with and against other gamers in one of four game modes. Details are hush, yet players can hope to see the beyond preposterous action that fans are accustomed to. Be that as it may, Matsuda covered 2022/23 expectations for their versatile division earlier in the presentation in which he featured Echoes Of Mana and Full Metal Alchemist Mobile as their drivers for the coming fiscal year.

Yet again assuming Just Cause 5 is indeed a completely fledged console and PC game, it would be normal that Avalanche will rudder the development as there have been late work postings for an "unannounced AAA game." The company, notwithstanding, is at present focussing on, Contraband, an open-world, cooperative shooter exclusive to Xbox Series X/S consoles meaning an arrival of Rico Rodriguez could be years away.

While it is as of now obscure what form the game takes, knowing that the Just Cause franchise is still really important for Square Enix will be a help for fans. It will remain to be seen on the off chance that there will be any announcements during this month's Summer Games Fest, regardless of whether it is a small teaser trailer confirming the following game's existence.
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