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Feb 27, 2019
Learning AngularJS LiveLessons (Video Training)

Learning AngularJS LiveLessons provides developers with a practical introduction to AngularJS, an exciting JavaScript framework for developing web applications called single-page apps (SPAs).


AngularJS is a powerful JavaScript framework, maintained by Google, for building web applications (single-page apps [SPAs]) and enhancing various parts of your web pages. It’s a comprehensive framework that makes both development and testing easier by extending web applications with MVC (model-view-controller) capability.

Marc Wandschneider, Senior Developer Advocate at Google, has more than 20 years of experience as a developer and is the author of two programming books and two other LiveLessons video training. In this video training, Marc uses a live-coding approach to show developers how to start from scratch and work their way up to building a meaningful, yet not overly complicated application.

About the Instructor

Marc Wandschneider
has worked extensively with open source platforms and has written an Outlook Express-style email client for Linux using Qt. He travels the globe, consulting as a lead manager for software projects and teams. A graduate of the McGill University School of Computer Science, he spent five years working for Microsoft, where he developed and managed developers on the Visual Basic, Visual J++, and .NET Windows Forms teams.

Skill Level
  • Beginner
What You Will Learn
  • The basics of AngularJS, including data binding and filtering
  • How angular uses MVC to let you build up web applications or SPAs
  • How to organize applications using modules and splitting up files into various locations
  • How to load and post data to remove servers
  • How to extend it all by writing directives, filters, and more
  • How to complete an application, implement network access, and test the app
Who Should Take This Course
  • Web developers
Course Requirements
  • HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and some programming experience beyond writing script for web pages
Table of Contents


Lesson 1: Getting Started
Learning Objectives
1.1 Understand what AngularJS is and why it's important
1.2 Install AngularJS
1.3 Install Bootstrap
1.4 Write your first AngularJS application
1.5 Look at what you will build with AngularJS
1.6 Understand what you should know before you begin
1.7 Stay up to date and find the help you need
Lesson 2: Working with AngularJS Building Blocks: Binding, Directives, and Filters
Learning Objectives
2.1 Perform more useful data binding with repeating
2.2 Introduce filters to your bindings
2.3 Combine data binding and filters in your application
2.4 Understand more about repeating and directives
2.5 Improve the UI of your sample application
Lesson 3: Using Controllers and Views
Learning Objectives
3.1 Understand how AngularJS organizes MVC
3.2 Use controllers and forms to modify your data
3.3 Perform data validation and communicate between views and controllers
3.4 Understand validation a bit more
3.5 Set up a simple web server (Mac and Linux)
3.6 Set up a simple web server (Windows)
3.7 Set up multiple views and controllers
Lesson 4: Putting It All Together with Modules
Learning Objectives
4.1 Understand the core components of AngularJS modules
4.2 Understand routes and add them to your apps
4.3 Understand how to lay out your applications
4.4 Add an album view to your sample application
Lesson 5: Loading and Saving Data
Learning Objectives
5.1 Understand the various ways you can provide data in Angular–Part I: Services
5.2 Understand the various ways you can provide data in Angular–Part II: Factories, constants, and values
5.3 Use factories and services with remote data
5.4 Upload image files from your AngularJS application
Lesson 6: Filling in the Blanks—Filters, Directives, Cookies, and More
Learning Objectives
6.1 Write your own filters
6.2 Write your own directives I: Simple directives
6.3 Write your own directives II: Scope and user interface
6.4 Work with cookies in your app
Lesson 7: Wrapping Up
Learning Objectives
7.1 Complete your application and look to what's next
7.2 Implement network access with JSONP
7.3 Test your application with Karma

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