[New] Udemy - Python Hero: Full Course with Projects [Hindi/Urdu] Course Coupon Enroll Free


Feb 27, 2019
[New] Udemy - Python Hero: Full Course with Projects [Hindi/Urdu]
Course Coupon

Udemy - Python Hero: Full Course with Projects [Hindi/Urdu]

Most Comprehensive Python 3 Course to bring you at expert level from Zero
What you'll learn
  • All concepts along with coding exercises and practical Projects about Python 3.
  • Python Core Concepts, Practical Projects in Python along with coding exercises
  • Understand Complex and Advanced topics like Inheritance, decorators and Generators
  • Build a Professional Level understanding and skill of Python 3
  • Learn to code like expert
  • Laptop or PC with Internet Connection

Hi, My name is Mohsin Khalil , and I have PhD in Aerospace Engineering. This course is in Urdu and Hindi.Python is the most requested skill of the year 2019. Subcontinent is the region where this language is being used by millions of students but none of the course is in Hindi or Urdu. Very Strange this is what I said when I started learning Python. So, I decided to give back to many students who are starting like me.

Now Questions is this, Is this course as comprehensive as the other famous courses? And the answer is big YES. Here is the reason. I have three years of teaching experience at the University and I have carefully designed the contents of the course to be the most comprehensive, fully compatible with industrial requirements and easy to digest. Rest Assured we have covered all the concepts in Python with The most interactive contents.

You will start from kindergarten level, like staring from CMD and moving along with installation and then learning the most advanced concepts.
Here is glimpse of the course.

This Course is divided into seven sections and 50 Lectures along with Practical Projects with source code.

Sec:1 Introduction and Getting the Basics Right
· What is CMD
· Python_Installation_Normal_Way
· Efficient Way to Install Python
· Objects_Data_Structure
· Variables
· Strings
· String_Formating
· Using_Built_in_Functions_On_String
· Print and Format
· Lists
· Dictionaries
· Sets
· Tuples
· Unpacking Tuples
· File_Input_Output_In_Python
· Boolean Operators
· Functions in Python part_1
· Functions_in_Python_Part2
· Arguments and Keyword_Arguments
· Comparison_Operators
· Program_Flow_Control
· For_Loops
· while_loops
· Built_in_functions
· list_comprehension
Sec:2: Project_1: Building Tic_Tac_Toe_Game
· Tic_Tac_Toe_Game
Sec:3: Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
· Object Oriented Programming Intro
· Object_Oriented_Programming:part:2 Class Object Attributes
· OOP_Part_3 : Inheritance and Polymorphism
· OOP_Part_4 :Magic Method or Special Functions
Sec:4: Modules and Packages
· Modules and Pypi
· Create your Modules and Packages
· name and main
· Error and Exception Handling
Sec:5:project-2 Card Game
· Card Game
Sec:6: Advanced Topics
· Decorators
· Generators
· Datetime Module
· Time_it Module
· Collection Module: Counter
· Collection Module: Ordered Dictionary
· NamedTuple
· Reg_Exp and String IO
Sec:7: Data Structure and Objects Advance Topics
· Advanced Numbers
· Advanced Strings
· Advanced Sets
· Advanced Dictionaries
· Advanced Lists
· Goodbye Note

This course is with a 30 day money back guarantee! If you do not like the course you can get full refund immediately.
And bye the way this course

So what are you waiting for and a life time access to the course and Learn Python in a way that will advance your career and increase your knowledge, all in a fun and practical way!

Who this course is for:
  • Python Developers, Web Developers, Software Developers, IT Students
  • Data Scientist, Engineers, Game Developers
  • Finally Mid Level Programmer who want to upgrade your skill


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