Feb 27, 2019

Building Reusable Angular Components Using Schematics [265 MB]

Direct Modeling In Houdini - A Beginners Training Course [1.04 GB]

Pixorize for Medical Students STEP 1 (7.1GB)

How To Texture 3D Models With Substane Painter [359 MB]

Intro to Constructing the Face with Jeff Talbot (436 MB)

Basic Head Construction with Bryan Lee (338 MB)

Understanding Complexity [5.07 GB]

NativeScript: Animation Techniques [502 MB]

Angular 4: Beginner to Pro [2.82 GB]

Clean Coding Principles in C# [462 MB]

Ron Lemen constructing the human figure (1.89 GB)

Design for Developers [1.5 GB]

Characters for Animated Film with Daniel Arriaga [mp4][1.85 GB]

NumPy Data Science Essential Training [600 MB]

Pluralsight - Automating Networks with Python [572 MB]

Digital Painting with Bobby Chiu [.flv][2.02 GB]

Ryan Hall Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Instructional DVD's [17.56 GB]



Feb 27, 2019
Random Courses Collection Direct Links

3D Monks Animation

Cinema 4D Journey

Hands-On RxJS for Web Development [1.46 GB]

Filter Data from Couchbase Using N1QL [528 MB]

Learning Python Generators [139 MB]

Ethical Hacking: System Hacking [223 MB]

Join us now https://t.me/direct_llinks

Visual Studio: Source Control with Git and GitHub [316 MB]

How to Program: Computer Science Concepts and Python Exercises + Course Guidebook [12 GB]

Building Desktop Apps with Ionic and Electron [616 MB]

Language Families of the World [10.1 GB]

Brain Myths Exploded: Lessons from Neuroscience [2.1 GB]

An Introduction to Drawing for Beginners (26.8 GB)

Rey Bustos - Anatomy Series (2.98 gb)

Kim Jung Gi Perspective Drawing (791.8 mb)

Java Arrays [217 MB]

Migrating Applications and Services to Azure with Visual Studio 2019 [394 MB]

Data Ingestion with Python [211 MB]

The Art of Reading [4.47 GB]

Apress - Building Blazor Components: Web Pages with C# Instead of JavaScript [515 MB]

Building a Better Vocabulary [16.82 GB]



Feb 27, 2019
Random Courses Collection [11-Mar-2020]

Ace the Coding Interviews [5.66 GB]

Materialize CSS From Scratch With 5 Projects [2.53 GB]

Marco Bucci - All Skillshare Courses [23 gb]

Security Event Triage: Monitoring Assets and Topology [189 MB]

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner (CLF-C01) [2.7 GB]

Managing Azure SQL Server Database Performance [174 MB]

The Definitive Guide to DaVinci Resolve with Ollie Kenchington (10.4 GB)

Ctrlaltpaint Basic Rendering 1-4 [1.39 gb

Ctrlaltpaint Perspective Sketching 1-2 [557mb]

Karl Gnass Spirit Of The Pose [16.73 gb]

Ctrlaltpaint Digital Sketching Starter Kit [3.18 gb]

Ctrlaltpaint 3d Paint Over Starterkit [3.10 gb]

How To Draw Human Anatomy With Aaron Blaise [8.97 GB]

Peterhan dynamic sketching course 1-2 [5.09 gb]

Mark westermoe; The reilly method figure drawing [3.03 gb]

Character Design by Aaron Blaise [9.46 gb]

Moderndayjames animal anatomy [2.63 gb]

Noah Bradley Artcamp courses 1-3 [22.26 GB]



Feb 27, 2019
Random Courses Collection

Launch Your Websites with Github Pages [129 MB]

CSS: Variable Fonts [190 MB]

Building Advanced Alexa Skills [1.01 GB]

AWS Essential Training for Developers [1.03 GB]

Learning DaVinci Resolve 16 [2.65 GB]

Phlearn Pro - Royal Portrait [887 MB]


PowerPoint 2019 Essentials [503 MB]

TCP/IP and Networking Fundamentals for Sysadmins [155 MB]

Secure Coding- Identifying and Mitigating XML External Entity (XXE) Vulnerabilities [136 MB]

3D Topoligical Earth in Blender 2.8 [669 MB]

Making Your C# Code More Functional (CSharp) [727 MB]

Natural Light Portrait Retouching in Photoshop - Start to Finish [1.11 GB]

Start Using Git Today! -- No Frills Source Control [1.24 GB]

Cubase Pro 10 Essential Training: Advanced [1.25 GB]

Beyond Beginner GameMaker Studio 2 - Creating A Full Tower Defense Game From Scratch [5.8 GB]

The History and Nature of Our Universe.2008 [6.8GB]

Python and Jupyter Notebooks for beginners [571 MB]

Angular 7 and 8 Drag N Drop Feature With Highcharts [623 MB]

Instant Voice Training: How to Train Your Voice Instantly! [112 MB]

Practical Ethical Hacking - The Complete Course [11.95 GB]

The Complete Python Programmer Bootcamp 2020 [6.38 GB]

Usability Testing [616 MB]

Vue JS 2 - The Complete Guide (incl. Vue Router & Vuex)

100 Algorithms Challenge

Ultimate PHP & MySQL Web Development Course & OOP Coding [2.99 GB]

AWS Amazon S3 Mastery Bootcamp (2019) [1.75 GB]

The Ultimate Azure BootCamp [1.9 GB]

Advanced ASP.NET Core 3 MVC [4.41 GB]

Using ASP.Net Blazor for Absolute Beginners [1.95 GB]

2019 Practice Test AWS Solutions Architect Associate [2.23 GB]

React Native Design - Build front end of 10 mobile Apps [1.3 GB]

Learn C++ Programming Mini Course - Power Of Animation [137 MB]

Python Pandas and Altair Data Science & Visualization Course [6.49 GB]

Master React Native Animations [1.09 GB]

Javascript Modern Bootcamp (2020)

Python Best Practices [377 MB]

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