Request for andrew mead and colt steele javascript courses


New member
Jul 2, 2020
Respected Adminstrators and members ,

First of all , thank you for providing free links of the courses by Andrei Neogoie and Jonas Schemedtman ' s udemy courses.
It is really helpful for beginners like me who do not have access to credit cards in my state as I am a middle income class in UP.

I really want a course on Andrew Mead ' Javascript and Colt Steele 's course as they are more comprehensive in the year 2020. Colt Steele course in modern javascript includes the latest feature as well the node tutorials with project. Andrew Mead 's contain babel and webpack in his javascript course. Sachin Bhatnagar seems to be more comprehensive and detailed with theory and practice.
The links are :
1. . by colt steele
2. by Andrew mead
3., it is by Sachin bhatnagar.

They are all in udemy. I would like them to be in google drive. Please admin, I request you.
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