Street Fighter 6 Explains Ryu's New Look


Jun 11, 2022
Street Fighter 6 is one of the most expected to battle games in ongoing memory. With every passage of Street Fighter, Capcom changes the design of specific characters to line up with the battling game's themes and setting. On Twitter, Street Fighter 6 chief Takayuki Nakayama provides insight into the developing design for one of the most notorious characters from the franchise.

The June second release of State of Play offered a glimpse into Street Fighter 6's features, an early look into the setup of fighters, and ongoing interaction. Street Fighter 6 brings returning veterans into the conflict such as Ryu and Chun-Li with new abilities in their movesets. Newcomers like Luke and Jamie were presented and offer new play-styles to clash against those bringing fighters back. Shortly after the trailer, Street Fighter 6 idea art was spilled across social media, uncovering the game's starting roster. Capcom recognized the leaks and would continue to offer insight into some characters shown in the trailer.

Nakayama remarked on Ryu's new design for Street Fighter 6, which is a similar design to Ryu's unshaven substitute costume in Street Fighter 5. The game chief confirms Street Fighter 6 takes place after the events of Street Fighter 3: third Strike. Albeit some time passed since Street Fighter 3: third Strike, Ryu feels "he's not there yet." He wears a kasaya, a Buddhist robe, which is reminiscent of his martial arts master Goken. Goken is the more established sibling of Street Fighter series antagonist and master of the Satsui no Hado, Akuma.

Ryu believes he still has a ton of life lessons to learn and his Buddhist priest inspired design in Street Fighter 6 conveys that thought. Inside the timetable of Street Fighter, Street Fighter 6 is the latest passage with new ground to investigate. For more than 20 years, Street Fighter 3: third Strike was viewed as the endpoint of the ongoing Street Fighter ordinance. Ryu will rise and address the difficulties a new danger presents in Street Fighter 6.

Ryu's unshaven design is now cherished by many battling game fans across social media. Moreover, many are praising Capcom for at long last taking the story forward after the consummation of Street Fighter 3: third Strike.

His new design leads to confusion about who gave Ryu the robe and where he has been since the finish of Street Fighter 3: third Strike. Nonetheless, answers to fan questions about Ryu will probably show up in Street Fighter 6 one year from now.
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