Udemy - Splunk Admin & Architect: Complete Tutorials + 30 Days Lab Full Course Learn Online 2019


Feb 27, 2019
Splunk Admin & Architect: Complete Tutorials + 30 Days Lab
Udemy Course 2019

udemy splunk admin

Once you have completed all course modules you will be able to clear Splunk Power User and Splunk Admin certification. !

What you'll learn
  • This course is designed for complete beginners of Splunk who are new to the Splunk Technology
  • Splunk User Experience
  • Splunk Admin Activities
  • Splunk Architect Activities
  • This is a base for Building Enterprise Splunk Environment in Cloud
  • Splunk Searching Basics
  • Above points are some of the topics overview which you will be getting a brief idea in this course
  • Splunk
  • Basics of linux and windows operating system
Course content
  • +Introduction
  • +Introduction to Splunk Enterprise
  • +Designing Splunk Architecture
  • +Installation and Configuration of Splunk Components
  • +Splunk Post Installation Activities : Knowledge Objects
  • +Splunk Inbuilt & Advanced Visualizations
  • +Splunk Apps And Add-On's
  • +Forwarder Management And User Management
  • +Splunk Indexer And Search Head Clustering
  • +Splunk Advanced Concepts
  • +Building Splunk Enterprise Architecture on Amason AWS Under 60 Minutes
  • +Free 30 Days Lab Access for Searching
  • +Splunk Use Cases Of All Industries - (Updating New Contents)
  • +Assignments For Learning Splunk Search Processing Language
  • +Splunk Certification Practice
  • +Congrats: Completion of the Course


In this course we will be using Amazon AWS to build our Splunk Environment and has a bonus lecture you will learn how to build Splunk Environment within 60 Minutes on Cloud environments.
This course is designed for complete beginners and experienced splunkers who are totally new or familiar to Splunk. As part of this course you will get free 30 days access to labs to practice your Splunk searches. This course will be able to give you a expert understanding of the Splunk and its products and the huge benefits of learning Splunk.
Reviews By Students:
  • ..."I was a little apprehensive about purchasing a course when there is so much free information out there. This course is definitely worth the money for the effective approach and pace of learning Splunk from the technical side. It could save someone a lot of time."......
  • ..."One of the best well taught job so far I have taken."...
  • ..."Worth every penny !!! Great course!"....
Are you ready the learn the number one Skill in IT as of Today?!!!
Splunk is totally domain independent and least unemployment skill. It is reported from past two years (2015 and 2016) as one of the must have skill In IT industry and zero unemployment of people who hold this skill. Don't believe me? (Google it and check out opportunities
on Linkedin). By learning Splunk you will be able to demand the packages,hikes and switch domains without need of domain expertise all
you need is Splunk expertise.Get ready to become a IT Super Hero by learning Splunk.
  • As part of purchasing this course along you will be eligible for 30 days Free lab access for practicing your Splunk searching by creating alerts reports and dashboards on AWS cloud of yessplunk instance.
Who this course is for:
  • IT Employee
  • Information Security
  • Business Analytics
  • Splunk Beginners
  • Seeking Domain Change OR Pay rise for employees
  • Bigdata Technology
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